Grand Poker Casino

The title of a casino suggests the experience you might have there. You would expect to find some poker titles at the Grand Poker Casino, but is that it? Thankfully, no… as we will find out, there are lots of other games there as well.

The site works on GPN software

What’s GPN? Grand Poker Network, as the site is one of several on that platform. However, if you visit the casino area, you will soon learn there are other names you will encounter that are more familiar. The site also offers more than one casino, delivering five in all. The Grand Casino works with games on the RTG platform, so you can see all their titles available there. If you would rather try the Jackpot Casino, you can expect to try Betsoft titles, including lots of 3D ones.

Does this mean you have five different lobby sections to visit?

Yes, the games in each one will vary from the ones you’ll find in other portions of the site. It is worth looking around the entire site, so you can see if one casino experience suits you better than another.

Can you sign up and join the casino today?

Most casinos are clear on any restrictions, but that isn’t the case here. If you do qualify to sign up, you can follow their steps to create your new account.

Signup restrictions you should know about

It looks as though the casino is welcoming of players in North America, but we would suggest you look at this further before signing up. You should read through all the information provided at the casino and check the laws wherever you are in the world before opening an account. There are age laws too, of course, relating to online gambling. Be sure you do not fall foul of any such laws prior to joining this casino.

Exploring the game options in the various casino areas

Grand Poker Casino gives you the opportunity to explore five separate casino areas. That means you should spend the time checking out what each one can offer. You might find one casino is far better suited to you than another. It’s good to see in advance which games you can try in each one, for sure.

Are there plenty of slots in each area?

Not always, hence why we recommend looking around for a while before selecting your preferred casino. The Grand Casino certainly has a grand collection of them, with over 200 to check out. However, the Jackpot Casino doesn’t have nearly as many on offer, with far fewer available for you to try. You might still find a handful of sensational games there though.

Is it best to begin with some practice games?

We always think this is the best way to start, even though you use demo credits without the option to grab any real prizes. That said, you can try games to see if they offer the appeal you are looking for.

Moving over to trying some paid games

There are lots of options to try paid games, of course, and once you have experimented with some demos and had the chance to choose one of those five casinos, you can move over to this method.

How often do new slots appear?

About as regularly as you might expect them to appear when the providers release new titles. However, since there are separate casino areas to visit, you might find one area has a new game on one visit, and another area gives you a new treat on the next visit. You can never tell, but it does make things more interesting.

Do different casino areas have different promotions on offer?

Yes, so make sure you claim the correct deal in the casino you like most. It is worth reviewing other casino areas whenever you visit though, as this might give you some alternative offers to consider.

Tournaments work much the same as promos do

Yes, if one casino has a tournament on offer, it means it is restricted to that casino. So, you might see events on offer in one area and not in another. It’s easy once you get the hang of it, but it can take a little while to appreciate the format.

We didn’t read about any winners at any of the casinos

Enough said about that, we think.

If there are any rewards available, you’ll see them in the promo areas

Again, that means one casino area might have them and another may not.

No apps are needed at the site

The good way to see how many games can be played on mobile devices is to see if there is a logo next to the title. You’ll soon see many of the games are available for tablets and smartphones.

You can play the demos without registering for an account

Fortunately, the Grand Poker Casino does provide you with the chance to do this.

Instant play is one way to access the games

Another way is to download the casino software, but this isn’t necessary if you’d rather opt for the instant play method.

Check out the Grand Poker affiliate program

If this interests you, you can read about it by visiting the affiliate site area.

Are there sporting facilities here too?

Yes, just head for the appropriate area of the site to view their racebook or sportsbook. It gives you another thing to consider if you like placing sports wagers from time to time.

If you want a blog or forum, you need to look elsewhere

We suspect very few players want these features at a casino, so you may not miss them.

Live dealer games are here too

They haven’t missed a trick, have they? Look out for the Vegas Live Dealer section in the menu. You’ll see a small but well-formed selection of live games to check out.

Deposit methods you can use at Grand Poker Casino

While Bitcoin is accepted at the casino, cards and web wallets are also provided. Some have fees but this does not apply to all methods.

What about withdrawing funds?

You can do this via Bitcoin, or by using bank wire or a cashier’s check. They also provide a money order option.

Bitcoin is a sensible option to choose

If you like the idea of using a virtual currency, it is nice to see the most famous one of all accepted at the Grand Poker Casino. There are no fees for using it either, unlike some of the other methods.

Help is always close by

The Grand Poker Casino has a help center offering lots of information should you need it. They have a live chat feature too, along with various phone numbers leading to separate departments.