Jingle Jackpot Slots

Jingle Jackpot Slots

We love nothing more than getting the chance to play a festive slot game based around Christmas. Is this the best theme ever? We think so, as we often like playing those games during the year, not just in December.

Jingle Jackpot is our latest favorite game to try, and it has some nice treats on offer. Read our full slot game review of it here, so you can see if you like it as much as we do.

A game from a lesser-known developer

It is easy to try festive slots from famous developers, but just as nice to try some from lesser-known ones. This one comes to us from Novomatic.

It offers a demo if you want it

Yes, and the game is appealing to check out in this way. If you think it is festive enough, you can move on to the real version.

The theme is obvious, right?

Well, it is Christmas!

It gets a festive design makeover you'll enjoy

While the game has the usual mix of letters and numbers involved, they all look like they have been gift wrapped. So, while some of this slot seems predictable, it still looks great.

Getting down to the basics of Jingle Jackpot

Would you be surprised if we told you there was a jackpot in this game? It appears at the top of the reels, so keep an eye on that. It could make someone's festive season better than ever.

The game itself has five reels and uses a gold star as a wild icon. This replaces everything else you might see with no exceptions, which is handy to know.

How many paylines can you play on?

The game includes 10 of them.

Place your bets!

Consider the available coin sizes carefully before betting on the game. There are optional features you can use too, but these require a separate wager to be placed on each spin. Your budget might determine whether you would trigger this.

The paytable highlights the potential prizes to be had

The game has some varied prizes on offer, with the Christmas pudding and Santa icons delivering some of the better prizes. You can also read about other features of the game here.

Bonus possibilities

The first thing you should know about is the Extra Bet feature. This doesn't need to be triggered, but if you want to pay a little more, you can give the wilds bigger multipliers worth up to 10x a time. The level you reach depends on the amount you wager. Whichever level you reach, the wilds also appear in stacks.

There are also four potential bonuses that could randomly drop. These can be triggered following a losing spin or triggering the progressive prize. The first one sees the reels nudged either up or down in the Rewind or Fast Forward features respectively. Both nudges guarantee you'll get a prize.

The other possible bonuses are the Scatter Bonus, where symbols all change into scatters for a prize, and the Domino bonus, where one symbol selects other symbols to become the same as the original moving one.

Any free spins worth looking for?

No, not in this game.

RTP value for Jingle Jackpot

This one comes in at 96.45%.

Our rating for Jingle Jackpot

This is an unusual one because all the potential bonuses are randomly triggered. We like the progressive jackpot opportunity though, not to mention the chance to add that extra bet for better wild multipliers.

Have we heard of any winners for the jackpot?

No, but it doesn't mean there haven't been any. In fact, we might say it would be a good one to scoop as you could likely keep it quiet!

Play for the heck of it if you're in a festive mood

The fact that a bonus could drop at any moment if you have a losing spin makes each spin more entertaining. The potential is there to enjoy this slot even if you do not bet real cash on it.

Play Jingle Jackpot for real at participating casinos

There are enough of those around, so you can certainly look forward to some great opportunities to play this game for real if you like what you see on those reels.

There is a festive mobile version available too

Don't worry if you're not near a computer. You can always play this slot on your mobile tablet or smartphone instead. Merry Christmas!