Prosperity Pots: Lucky Coins Slots

Let’s head to China and get all the wealth and riches you need when you play Prosperity Pots Lucky Coins slots. You’re going to have a culturally rich Chinese experience that could bring you lots of luck when you play this 5 reels, 3 rows, 243 paylines video slots game from the Real Time Gaming company. You will be dazzled by all the great graphics and animations that this game has been designed with. Recently, there have been lots of new slots coming out with the Chinese themes and slots players seem to love them so let’s look at why and what you can win. This vibrant game has everything you could want, and this game celebrates the Chinese culture and what makes it so different from other cultures throughout the world. Did you know that the Chinese Zodiac is important to the culture of China, and they place much importance on family and their elders. Also, Chinese tea is much more than a beverage as it dates to 2,737 BC and is considered an art and nourishes the mind. And Chinese calligraphy is an art, not just a form of writing and that is why you will see it everywhere in China. Chinese culture has been around for over 5,000 years and some of the same art, rituals and the philosophy are still intact today. So, let’s see what this game has for you so you can enjoy this beautiful game and possibly win a fortune.

What to expect when you see Properity Pots Lucky Coin slots

As you would expect this video slots game celebrates Chinese culture art, design, and architecture. The setting of this game takes place in the mountains of Asia with blue sky and clouds to present an inviting experience. You will see lovely pink flowered cherry blossom trees, Chinese art and architecture that makes this game pleasant to play. As you will see on the game there are four jackpots so you will have more chances to win lots of money. On the reels it’s all about Chinese art and items you would find in their culture like golden dragons, goldfish, lanterns, coin symbols, tree, and dragon coins. The cherry blossom tree is the wild symbol, and the dragon coins will trigger the hold and spin feature. This game can be played on any mobile device if you have a phone or tablet on iOS or Android slots. Now, let’s show you how to play this video slot game.

How to play Properity Pots Lucky Coin slots

This game is easy to play and similar other RTG games so you will get the hang of it quickly. On the left you will see the information button which will display the symbols and coins; to the right is the player balance amount window, the bet amount, speed selector for the reels, bet amount selector, maximum bet amount button and the spin button. If you want to relax and enjoy the Chinese New Year, you can just select the auto play button and the game will do all the spinning. The menu button is on the far right. The main strategy is to win one of the four jackpots and make your New Year a prosperous one. Coin sizes range from $0.20 all the way up to $100 per spin.