Legalize Sports Betting

In advance of the Super Bowl, it is estimated that $4.7 billion will be wagered.

Prior to the Super Bowl, Reps. Frank LoBiondo and Frank Pallone Jr. introduced legislation to allow New Jersey to offer legal sports betting.

The two lawmakers, following their actions two years ago, have offered different measures in order to achieve the goal that the state has sought since the 2011 referendum.

Mr. LoBiondo (of R-2nd Dist.) would give all the states four years to decide if they wanted to legalize the sports betting, meanwhile Mr. Pallone (of D-6th Dist.) would simply allow New Jersey to be able to join Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana, the same privilege that allows these states to do wagering.

Mr Pallone said that sports betting is already being done across the state and in the country, but, instead of it being appropriately overseen and being able to raise some of the much needed revenue for the casinos, the businesses, the racetracks, and the state. Mr. Pallone said that it was time to bring these activities out of the shadows.