What Are Arcade Slots?

Slot games are referred to in different ways. Within the world of slots, you’ve got progressives, video slots, fruit machine slots, and much more besides. However, arcade slots are perhaps not as well known.

Let’s look at the potential meaning of the word arcade slots here, so you can figure out whether these are the games you would like to play.

Are they slots like the ones you might play at a real arcade?

Some sites do use the term arcade slots to refer to the classic one-armed bandit machines and similar slots seen in arcades. However, this isn’t the true terminology you should be aware of, as you will see below.

Are they more like arcade-style games?

Arcade-style gaming refers to a more immersive and dramatic game. Think of a shoot-em-up game for example, or perhaps another game where a mission of some kind is involved. This is the true arcade experience and is something that appeals to many slot players.

Bonuses are generally good fun to play in arcade slots

If you are playing a game based in outer space, for example, you might end up playing a bonus whereby you must fire at alien ships to destroy them. This might involve using your mouse or keyboard to aid you in your task. While some slot games have pre-determined or random outcomes to bonus features, these slots may not do. Your skills on the keyboard or the mouse could determine what happens in your bonus feature – and how much cash you could win as a result.

The arcade nature of a slot game like this makes it easier for the game to take you on an adventure, one you may want to play several times as well. If you are keen to try a game with a difference, you can see how these games might fit the bill. Furthermore, you might end up seeing arcade slots in several genres. You can imagine how this type of game would play out if you were playing in ancient Egypt or on a pirate ship or anywhere else, come to that.

If you want something different to play, arcade slots can be found at many online casinos. They may not always be labeled as such, but you can expect to find them available under other titles. Now you know what to look for, you should find them easy to spot.