All Nations Casino

After wildfires ravaged Alberta, Canada, many members of First Nations found themselves without jobs. This was not good news, as unemployment with Aboriginal people was already high. Entrepreneur Gerry Gionet plans to change that by launching All Nations Casino, a virtual casino, lottery options, and sportsbook. People of the First Nations community will be hired to handle everything from operations to marketing.

Gerry Gionet was the mastermind behind 2012’s GEOBet, though he sees plenty of room for improvement with this new venture. He plans to hold tighter control over this company by eliminating an outside management agency. This should ensure that there are plenty of jobs for those within the First Nations community that need them.

All Nations Casino will be run on Alteatec iGaming Management System's platform, with Altea Gaming providing all of the software for the initial 300 slots and table games. The German company is handling the sportsbook side of the casino. Look for All Nations Casino this March.