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Featured Events:

The Living City Interactive, The Night Chicago Died by Tim Creese

Here's a preview of the LC Interactive that will be premiering at Ben Con '99:

Have you ever dreamed of having a rich uncle that left you a fortune? I know I do - especially when the work day's grueling... I had this in mind while writing The Night Chicago Died. In this interactive, adventurers come together to pay last respects to Chicago, an old lovable gnome who had no blood lines. Chicago was a cheerful merchant who had a love for adventurers, and the tales they would recite in his store. As such, Chicago often sold mundane items at reduced prices to adventurers, and every now and then even passed along an enchanted item (or two, or three, or four).

So it is with sad hearts that people gather to take their turns speaking memories, reciting poetry, singing songs that honor such a fine man. Oh, and what's this you hear about Chicago leaving his entire estate to be inherited by adventurers? Yes, it is true. The reading of the gnome's will shall take place at the wake. You can't help but wonder how much that old gnome was worth, and more importantly, what will be divvied out to you...

The Night Chicago Died will also have 2 break away mini-adventures for those inclined to do so. There will be areas to sign up for different guilds, circles, and knighthoods. Hopefully, there will be a raffle for 1 or 2 unique items.