This year’s event in LA was one of the biggest venues in table top gaming, and one all fans of the genre loved to death. If you weren’t there this year, you really missed out! But we’ll fill you in on all of what went on so you can keep abreast of things in case you want to grace us with your presence the following year.

Growl! Was one of the big hits of this year’s con, being a new and inventive game that combines werewolves and partying in ways we never thought we’d see outside of horror movie. This drew big crowds and even bigger smiles, being a surprise hit that none of us were really expecting.

Overlords Infamy was also a wonderful entry by Obscure Reference Games, all about taking things over and evil corgis. It’s an odd combination that we would be surprised about if all of these games weren’t somewhat off the wall in some way! They reflect the audience in that way.

Another game came straight from kickstarter, being Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce. Dungeon games are always a bit hit, and this one was no exception. Being one that spans multiple levels and features at least one two headed sentient cow, this one perfectly represented what you can expect from Sentient Cow Games. We’re not quite sure what we’d expect if they had a stranger name, so we’re thankful they at least kept it about that tame!

Our favorite by far, however, was another entry that began on kickstarter and currently remains there, being a fighting game focused on making your own deck called Dungeon Brawl. This one has a lot of potential and we encourage everyone to support it! We’d love to see more of it, as limiting it to the convention floor alone would be a crying shame in and of itself.

Summing Up How This Year’s Con Went

Like always, many and varied board games were in attendance this year, many of which were kickstarter hopefuls that we had a blast with. If you missed out, fear not! It will be held again next year just like always, and likely be just as fun, if not better. We hope you can join us there, and we look forward to the strange and quirky games we will play!