Also known as Strategicon, this is one of the best table top gaming conventions in the whole of Southern California. Featuring a wonderful hotel filled with wonderfully like minded individuals looking to cosplay and get their nerd on, you’ll have the most fun you’ve ever had in a Hilton hotel!

The amount of games on offer at this convention is immense. You’ll be playing the likes of the Alchemists, Eternal Kings, Liar’s Dice, and Gaslands, as well as Perpetual Motion Machine and even lesser known ones like Goa: A New Expedition. For recommendations on table top games alone, this one is a treat!

Our favorite part of these has to be the various contests and special events, however. They have a miniature painting contest, for example, that turns out some of the best done figures we’ve ever seen. We’re almost jealous in how talented some of our fellow players are! Alongside that, they have various tournaments going on for everyone’s favorite games, such as Magic The Gathering, Power Grid, and RIFTS.

Whether you’re into the more traditional table top affair or board games, this one is a great entry point into the genre for people that are new to it, alongside jaded players that will hold your hand and have many a wonderful conversation with you about it along the way. We can’t think of much we would add to a convention like this, it being a very pure rendition of why we all got into table top gaming, and drawing a very intimate crowd of wonderful people together to enjoy these experiences in a fine venue.

Summing Up How This Year’s Con Went

Whether you’re interested in the contests that abound, or the games that never seem to end, this is one of the best table top conventions in the world, let alone California. If you can stand the heat and brave it with fellow nerds amid an AC tunnel that these tend to turn into, you’re in for a real treat with this one, and will not soon forget the friends and times you had here. This one is suitable for all kinds of players, whether you’re into sci fi or punk or things that are down right strange to have been made into table top games in our opinion, but being no less fun!