Even if you’re nowhere near Portland, GameStorm is still the place to be if you’re at all into nerdom and table top gaming. It features fan made games as well as classic ones, and is one of the best regularly going conventions on the market if you’re looking for partners for all of that. Usually taking place in the Red Lion’s Hotel, there’s no place better named if you’re into alternative gaming.

When: March 26-29, 2023
Where: Red Lion Jantzen Beach 909 N Hayden Island Dr, Portland, OR 97217

The guests of honor are always star studded, such as role playing great Jason Bulmahn of the Finder series of games such as Pathfinder and Starfinder, Manny Trembley, who was behind the art in Dice Throne, and even the President of Calliope Games Ray Wehrs.

You can find almost any of the big name games here in attendance though, so there’s never a reason to feel left out. They bring in new hopefuls to keep things interesting, and you can even take part in their design by essentially play testing them, but it’s all fun for anyone and everyone if they’re willing to show up.

They have also partnered up various game companies and Envoy to donate things to those in need. Big contests and prizes are afoot in this affair, and it all goes to a good cause, making it a wonderful way to feel like you’re charitable when really, you just want to play some games!

The prices for the con are also very reasonable, being far lower than anything you’ll usually find elsewhere. If you want to go for the full weekend, it’s only $75, but you can get in for $30-45 for a day if that’s all you’re after.

Summing Up How This Year’s Con Went

There are plenty of conventions across Washington, but not many like GameStorm. It’s a table top convention for people that love them, and even those that make them. We love it every year, and find it growing at a rapid pace. That’s the sign of a wonderful con if we ever saw one, and we look forward to seeing what’s to come for this hopeful crowd of like minded players that are doing many a thing to keep us all interested and going around having a good time whenever March comes around and we feel like going to the West Coast!

As you can see, we recommend it highly.