This year’s con was filled with fun as well as scandle, the main brunt of which was around its founder being accused of sexual misconduct. This ended this year with a new directer taking over, and potentially an new direction for the con overall.

The title of this con alone leaves no ambiguity as to what it’s about. It’s one of the only LGBTQ game conferences around, and quickly became one of the leading names there. The focus of this con is gathering around games as a community and thinking critically about what can be done to have them better represent those that would have otherwise been left behind by them or slandered.

The new direction for GaymerX is coming from Cade Peterson, which is going to be the CEO for the meantime for MidBoss until he returns to Jump to stream indie content. Everything is sure to change after that, however, with Kaitchuck largely holding the reigns there, and no one quite sure what that will mean. She hails from Ubisoft as well as Feminist Frequency, and is a hot name in the field at the moment. She still passionately feels that cons like this need to exist, and will do her best to fight for this one amounting to what we would all want from a con like these without making anyone feel left out.

She hopes that she can help promote the community to new heights, get beyond this scandal, and move us all on to bigger and better things.

Summing Up How This Year’s Con Went

Although the point of this con is to be a safespace for people of all backgrounds to enjoy, this year’s con ended in controversy. This has lead to the reigns being shuffled around between key parties, and has finally rested in Kaitchuck’s hands once all the dust settles. She is going to fight hard to keep this an open and accessible can that the LGBTQ community can still rally around, and of course, keep any instances of sexual misconduct from happening again.

It’s a sad thing that something like that happened at a con like this one, but it is what it is, and the entire community is still supporting the con and hoping to move past it all to bigger and better things.