As the name implies, this con is about everything that’s great in all of geekdom, and has made its presence known in the recent years as a con to be reckoned with. Being a 3 day affair that runs in Pasco in the US, people come from all over to have a good time, share and trade nerd trivia and goods, and all manner of related things. You can always expect anything and everything to show up here, in a smaller, low key way that that will win everyone that does manage to make it over.

One thing that has changed and has people in a fit for this past con is the heightened security and other measures that are keeping things a bit more tapered down than people would hope for. Being a conference intended to appeal to everyone, they have cracked down more in recent years against the racier aspects of the nerd scene. Cosplay in particular is taking a hit, which although it usually draws big crowds, is being a point of contention this year in turning many amazing cosplayers away for being a little too sexual in nature, which at this point usually means having shorts that are slightly too short. At a con this pricy and largely composed of adults looking for good times, this is an odd move by the con, and one that could mean bad things for it if the trend should continue.

That’s the general take on the con in recent years, which is a trend that is only continuing. Being a big event in WA, it may no longer be the case if this continues.

Another hit that the con has been taking is the lackluster authors, celebrities, and artists that have been in attendance. We all know this isn’t comic con, but people tend to want a bit more, and the con at this point isn’t quite delivering what it could in that way.

Summing Up How This Year’s Con Went

RadCon made a name for itself for the wide variety of fun things going on every year. This past year and the year before, however, have people second guessing it, as security and other things get tighter on an already small and potentially forgettable con in the way this is all shaping up.