This is definitely one of the geekiest conventions on the planet, being based entirely around board games, and taking place in the wonderful Hilton hotel in Washington. That has not stopped it from being one of the best times and all of found him, however, in this year’s round was absolutely no exception.

If you’re into boardgames, this is definitely one of the places you want to be every single year! Even though it’s one of the newer conventions, the following is growing quite rapidly.

Big Games Played During the Con

This game is definitely not one we would ever think to enjoy, but Cat Lady definitely took center stage. Majesty for the Realm is also another one that seem to be gaining quite the fan base, as is Century: Space Road. Valley of the Kings: Last Rites was also making a stronger parents, as was the palace of Mad King Ludwig. All of these are very fun, and stretch the boundaries of what people are used to one playing the sort of games!

Diamonds was also very popular, as well as Eldridge Horror. We’re not particularly big fans of the latter, but there were quite a few tables going with that one this year. The same can be said of Wasteland Express Delivery Service, which is a pick up and delivery game that takes place after the world entirely went to crap. It was pretty fun, and we recommend that one a lot! This is a long side Spartacus, which is based on the TV show of the same name. If you are a fan of Greek and Roman culture, as well as gladiators, then this card game is a match made in heaven for you! It’s also as bloody as the TV show.

The Prodigals Club also ended up being a big draw for the convention, set in Victorian England, and being quite funny in the way that it plays on those names. It was probably one of our favorite games they had going the entire time, next to Spartacus itself.

Summing Up How This Year’s Con Went

This one was definitely still a small affair, but the quickly growing nature of it, and the loving people in attendance, make it a worthwhile event for anyone to jump into. New players are always welcome, so feel free to show up again next August!