Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

E3 used to be one of the biggest events in gaming. Everyone would look forward to it all year, it was where all of the big announcements were made, and it was easily a tryout for technology companies around the world to showcase what they have to offer. The convention is now a shadow of its former self, thanks in no small part to the Internet, things such as the Nintendo Direct, and everyone in general not really wanting to wait to announce anything at a convention like this.

This certainly did not make companies cease announcing things at the event, however, but there were pretty much no surprises to be seen, and everything was leaked before hand as is usually the case. This E3 will probably be marked on the calendar as the beginning of the end for it, as in next year’s event, Sony is even reported to not be in attendance!

Big Announcements Made During the Con

Although this definitely was not the biggest announcement, because we are a fan of adventure games, we were happy to learn that Stranger Things is getting a series by Telltale Games. This was a popular series on Netflix that we absolutely adored, and we love everything Telltale Games did with The Walking Dead and other franchises.

As you would also expect, there is yet another Assassin’s Creed game, this year’s being Odyssey. The story to those games went to crap a long time ago, so the interest was low, but it is nice to know that the game is still coming along. This was a long side Spiderman finally coming to the PS4 as promised, which we can’t believe is actually happening!

Things We Wished We’d Seen

Although we don’t expect technology companies to shoot themselves in the foot, we would have adored if Sony, Microsoft, or maybe even Nintendo had at all hinted at what was coming next for the hardware involved. Sony in particular is going to be coming up on the PS5 sometime within the next five years for sure, and any information about that would’ve been appreciated.

Summing Up How This Year’s Con Went

This was definitely the beginning of the end for E3, with not much happening, and nothing out of the ordinary. It’s all on the Internet now!