Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) West

PAX has an interesting history. Being a multi coast convention that quickly rose to rival Comic Con and E3, this one combines a bit of both with a strong focus on gaming and being entirely fan focused, not based on the vendors. You’ll still see big name companies trying to push their way in there, such as Microsoft and Nintendo, but it all feels far more intimate, and they come as fellow fans, not people looking for TV spots or trying to push anything on you.

This past year’s PAX, like all of them, was an absolute blast. Contests, Omegathons, and all manner of the nerdiest panels around are had, and you really can’t see anything else like this in the whole world.

The exhibit hall is much like you’ll find at Comic Con, only entirely geared towards games. This feels like Comic Con on steroids at this point, without all the marketing nonsense, and being a very no BS approach to showing off what these companies are releasing every year. The panels are wonderful too, featuring Mike and Jerry very regularly, for better or worse! Which we say with love, as we’re fans ourselves.

The various lounges and tournaments are our favorite part though, each and every year’s being better than the last. You can do things like trade pins, hang out with your handheld, and mingle with folks like minded or otherwise. It’s a great place to meet people, have good times, and make friendships that last an entire lifetime in our experience.

Summing Up How This Year’s Con Went

We were star struck the first time we went to PAX, but it quickly passed as we felt like we were at one big party filled with friends we simply hadn’t met yet. This year’s PAX West was no exception, and we do our best to attend every year. It somehow manages to impress each and every time, even though we always know going into it what to expect. Mike and Jerry really did a wonderful thing here, pulling out all the stops year after year in ways that leave us guessing as to what they’re going to do next year to top it. If you’re looking to be a part of that, attend and enjoy!

One of us. One of us!