BlizzCon 2024

This year’s BlizzCon was everything sounds would usually expect, providing some new announcements that has everyone looking forward to them such as the world of war craft classic series, while also pissing off and sold a new by announcing their entrance into the mobile gaming market for the Diablo franchise with Diablo Immortal. Whether this new direction for the company is going to represent what they are doing across the board is unclear, but most fans are hoping that blizzard itself is I’m going to lose track of what made it great.

Big Announcements Made During the Con

Everything Blizzard has to offer is always here in full effect, and this year’s con showed them going into new directions and trying to break into new genres to bring more fans into the fold.

The Classic Edition of World of Warcraft is set to launch sometime in the summer of 2019, which had fans chomping at the bit. Thankfully, existing players will get access to it with their current subscriptions.

Diablo in mortal also made a historical periods, pissing off pretty much all fans in the process. It’s not quite the usual AAA fair that everyone is used to, but it should still make for a good time for the right players. The entire industry is pressing more towards mobile games, and people are hoping the Blizzard itself does not pressed to far in that direction and lose track of what made it great.

Things We Wished We’d Seen

Warcraft III: Reforged is also supposed to drop this year, but information on that has remained scarce.

They have also been curiously absent when it comes to big new entries and some of their more popular franchises. Sure, Overwatch and all the rest of their great hits are always going all the time, but everyone is hoping for a big new IP from blizzard entertainment, which we did not really see here this year. Time will tell if they are willing to take that risk, but all of us are hoping for it!

Summing Up How This Year’s Con Went

This was the year that had everyone pissed off as well as happy. If you want to mobile Diablo, you’ll love it. If you want something more than a classic World of Warcraft, however, you’ll be waiting for sometime.