We all get into the nerd game centered around things that are fantastic. Things that could not really be part of reality, but sometimes seem so appealing that we feel they can or should be. That’s the angle that Norwescon has always taken, focused more on how we can all promote the underlying community and ideas behind all of this through popular art and media works. It’s a place were scientists and educators meet alongside authors and filmmakers, and one of the only ones on the planet that takes this particular tactic in bringing us all together in the geeky world.

If you’re into education and learning, this is the con for you, and it will likely be the only one that is tailored to you in quite this way!

Everything about it, as always, is run entirely by volunteers, and takes place in hotels that are very low key but in no way less fun for it. There are usually more than 500 hours of unique panels going on, the number of panelists usually goes over 200 in total, and dealers are always welcome to attend. It’s also complete with various contests and dances, but somewhat like a nerdier Comic Con for educators and people that read, which is something we’d never thought we’d write, but here we are!

The fact that it’s a charitable organization also makes everything have a feel good vibe to it that couldn’t be gotten in any other way.

This year’s con will feature Mary Robinette Kowal, Tran Nguyen, and Subterranean Press.

Summing Up How This Year’s Con Went

This is a con that’s truly for everyone, provided you have an open mind and love of fun. Being a small scale con that’s for the nerdiest of the nerdy, and having all the money go to charity and the whole thing run by volunteers, this is an event to remember each and every year. If you want to get away from the commercialism of Comic Con’s many incarnations and get some real one on one time with notable authors and fellow nerds, then head on out to Washington for one of the best days in geekery every year! We hope to see you there, and you’ll know us by being the nerdiest person in the entire room, decked out in cosplay and all.