SpoCon Is one of Washington’s oldest and most well liked sci fi and fantasy conventions. Being a charity itself and donating all the money and proceeds to local schools for things like the nerdiest of libraries, there is no good reason for anyone that loves science and related things not to hop on this one and have a wonderfully geeky time with the rest of us. It also takes place in the wonderful and Historic Davenport Hotel, and is only $45 a head to go.

This year’s con featured Jim Humble, Willian C. Dietz, Dave Anderson, and the Grammar Club. Although those aren’t the biggest of names, the crowds they drew were still a bunch of fun, and everybody had a blast this year.

The art work of Jim Humble in particular was very well received, being a nice and accessible fantasy artist with a love of small dragons and even cuter cats. He’s also a talented sculptor, as well as a wonderful painter. Hailing from Virginia, he honed his craft and style in Germany and across Europe, giving it all on old world feel that works wonderfully to make it all stand out. He combines wonderful textures with computer graphics and all manner of other wonderful things that make every color he uses an absolute joy.

William Dietz is no slouch either, being a best selling author of the American Rising novels, and specializing in military thrillers. Between the two of them, pretty much everyone was kept happy, as there really isn’t a whole lot of folks that can be left out when a small scale Tolkien and Tom Clancy enter the room!

Summing Up How This Year’s Con Went

Everybody loves a good fantasy con, and this year’s in Washington was no exception. Featuring some lovable and accessible names, the vibe this year was very intimate, and there wasn’t a single face left without a smile in the whole of the hotel it took place in. If you’re looking to support local schools, love all things nerdy, and have an inkling to try something new when it comes to conventions, this one is for you! Be sure to go next year and look us up. It’s a small world, and you will likely meet friends you’ll keep for life at these things!