What's New this Year:Anime Room, Artisans Corner, Auction (new time),Demonstrations in the Show Arena, Historical Display,Magic Pro Tour Qualifier: Boston, Play Station 2 Area,Rogue Trader Tournament, Visitor's Badges (they're FREE)

View this year's cover and t-shirt art by Brandon Ebers (winner of this year's cover art contest)!

Ben Con is being held June 5 - 8, at the

Marriott Denver Tech Center 4900 S. Syracuse Denver, CO 80237 (303) 779-1100

Please reserve your room early!

Please note that Michael Shanks of Star Gate will not be attending Ben Con this year. There is a mistake on the Star Gate web site calendar.

Our guests this year are Jeff Easley and Quinton Hoover.

Revisions/Additions to this year's schedule



The Serial Pulp Adventure has been replaced: The new event is Event 523 Six-guns in Chaparral: Chaparral, New Mexico, 1932: dry grass, lonely ranches, herds of grazing longhorns...and a couple dead federal agents.

Sheriff Masterson has too much sense to think that you can mix a surly Indian reservation, territorial ranchers, the Mexican government, and some G-men in search of glory and get anything but a border war or a brush fire that will burn Chaparral to ash. He needs help of a very specific kind, and that means you've got a ticket on the next train to New Mexico. 523.4 FRI 8:30 PM - 12:30 AM 523.10 SUN 9 AM - 1 PM

Event 506 RPGA Living Greyhawk - Mystery of Mistmoor is now APL 2-12 Event 507 RPGA Living Greyhawk - The Truth Lies in Trigol is now APL 2-12

Miniature events -

Event 311 - CAV Assault on TU-190 is running in slot 8, 7 PM to 3AM Event 313 - Warmachine Demo is running in slot 7 Event 314 - Warmachine Tournament is running in slot 4 Event 315 - Dark Age Demo is running is slot 7 Additions

Card Games (non-Magic)

Event 821 - Shadowfist; Who's the Big Man Now? Hosted by Z-Man Games Just how awesome is your kung fu? Bring your boots cuz it's time to stomp some butt Shadowfist style! One-on-one butt-kicking. Are you brave enough? Intermediate. Limit 32. 821.4 FRI 8:30 PM - 12:30 AM

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Miniature Events

Event 319 - Armies of Arcana Demo. Hosted by Ryan Duffy Come play Armies of Arcana and learn the rule set that lets you use any miniatures you have. That's right, all those old obsolete units from other games can be put to good use in Armies of Arcana. AoA is a fantasy game with some historical armies thrown into the mix, it stresses tactical play and units. Stop by the table and get a feel for the game. Two battles will run, one 15-mm and one 25-mm. Miniatures provided, or bring your own. Bring some six sided dice if you have them. Beginner. Limit 12. 319.10 SUN 9 AM - 1 PM

Event 320 - War Gods of Aegyptus Demo. Hosted by Ryan Duffy Come learn War Gods of Aegyptus. You are a Harbinger of your god and have mustered your army to fight your mortal foe. Game will be played with Anubis Harbinger versus the Eater of the Dead Harbinger. Unique rule set with excellent miniatures. Beginner, rules taught. Limit 6. 320.11 SUN 2 PM - 6 PM

Arena - Quest Cards, Hosted by Dane Fuller - A fantasy adventure game involving luck, memory, and strategy. Multiple random adventures; character skill development; and magical item collection makes Quest Cards a classic hit. No GM required, players need two six sided dice; cards are provided. Game length: one hour per adventure. Beginner, rules taught. Limit 20.


Event 118 - Cookie Fu Starter Tournament Event 505 - RPGA Living City, What in the World is This by Bob Person In the Arena - Skraelings Saturday 12 PM - 4 PM


Event 529 is listed in the event grid as 529.3 and under the event it is listed as 529.1 - the correct time for this event is 529.1.

The Team Limited ProTour Qualifier: Boston will run on Saturday. Registration begins at 9 AM, playing starts at 10 AM.

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