Ben Con General Information

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  2. Distinguished Guests
  3. Charities
  4. Doubletree Hotel
  5. Player Levels
  6. Prizes
  7. Questions
  8. Volunteers
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  11. Non Gaming Activities

Guests of Honor

Kevin J. Anderson. In the last four years, 21 of Kevin J. Anderson's novels have appeared on national bestseller lists; he has over ten million books in print worldwide. His works have been translated into 17 different languages. Anderson is the author of the Star Wars Jedi Academy trilogy, the Young Jedi Knights series (co-written with his wife, Rebecca Moesta), and three award-winning hardcover X-Files novels. He has recently signed the largest science fiction contract of in publishing history to write a prequel to Frank Herbert's Dune novels with Herbert's son Brian. Kevin J. Anderson was born March 27, 1962, and raised in small town Oregon, Wisconsin, south of Madison-an environment that was a cross between a Ray Bradbury short story and a Norman Rockwell painting. At the age of ten, he had saved up enough money from mowing lawns and doing odd jobs that he could either buy his own bicycle or his own typewriter. Kevin chose the typewriter . . . and has been writing ever since. Along the way he also collected over 750 rejection slips, and a trophy as "The Writer with No Future" because he could produce more rejection slips by weight than any other writer at an entire conference. Rebecca Moesta has worked on numerous Star Wars projects. With her husband, Kevin J. Anderson, she created and wrote the eleven Young Adult novels in the Young Jedi Knights series and two high-tech pop-up books. She has also authored several science fiction stories (both on her own and with her husband) and cowritten three science fiction and fantasy novels under a pseudonym. Born in Heidelberg, Germany, to American parents, Rebecca was raised in Pasadena, California. Her research for novels, stories, and articles has taken her onto the set of a major motion picture (where she worked for a week as an extra), through multiple arm surgeries (for an article on carpal tunnel syndrome), deep inside the Cheyenne Mountain NORAD complex, and into countless European castles and cathedrals. In addition to her many fiction credits, she has had photographs, computer art, and nonfiction articles published in magazines. Rebecca Moesta has one son, who keeps her busy nearly every minute that she doesn't spend writing. She holds the positions of CEO and Senior Publicist at WordFire, Inc., the company that she and Kevin J. Anderson jointly own. Rebecca's remaining time is spent serving as final reader and copyeditor on her husband's manuscripts.

Distinguished Guests

54 40' Orphyte, Inc.: It was sometime around 1984 when Linda & Don Bingle first played the scenario that launched the Chill Horror Roleplaying Game by Pacesetter. A number of conventions later they played Timemaster®. But Pacesetter foundered and by late 1988 Pacesetter's secured creditor was peddling off its trademarks, copyrights, and assets to the highest bidder. Don dusted off a corporation, fellow gamer Jay Tummelson joined in, and a bid was made. Orphyte got everything but the rights to Chill products and the group went into business. Linda, Jay, and Don also wrote or sponsored a variety of new RPGA sanctioned Chill.


Decipher, Inc. Decipher, Inc. is proud to be sponsoring the 1998 Regional Qualifiers for both the Star Wars CCG and the Star Trek CCG at Ben Con 98! Also, back for his second trip to Ben Con is Kendrick Summers, Decipher's Gold Leader. You can meet Kendrick at Decipher's booth in the dealers' area and learn how to play their great games, get some of your "Decipher" questions answered, or even try out your latest tournament deck! Kendrick has been on the road for Decipher for the past two years promoting the Star Wars CCG at retail shops and conventions all over the world. His main priorities this year are to maintain the volunteer "Squadron Member" program and oversee the sanctioned tournament structure, as well as to organize Decipher's main events throughout the year. Stop by the Decipher table in the dealers' room and take on the Gold Leader!

Five Rings Publishing. Stop by the card room for a demo of Legend of the Five Rings, the extremely popular CCG from Five Rings Publishing. Brandon Slaten, a warlord in the L5R Imperial Assembly, will be your host. Demos run all weekend (check the card room for times) and once you're up to speed, consider entering one of the two L5R tournaments for a chance to win a replica Samurai Sword!!!

Galileo Games. The Legend of Yore creator Brennan Taylor and his staff are joining us again with new adventures full of new challenges. Combining a rich and textured setting with sound game mechanics, The Legend of Yore may just be the fantasy RPG you've been looking for. Don't pass up this chance to meet the game's designers and play in their tournaments. See the roleplaying section for schedules and descriptions.

Games Workshop. GW Outrider Trey Moody will call the action for an officially sanctioned GorkaMorka

Charity Beneficiaries

Each year the Rocky Mountain Benefit Gamers Association chooses two charities in the Rocky Mountain region to receive the benefit of our fund raising efforts. Please see our Charities page for details.

The Doubletree (formerly the Red Lion Hotel)

Enjoy the hospitality and amenities of the Doubletree Hotel and help our charity fundraising at the same time. Room reservations may be made directly with the hotel by calling (303) 321-3333. You must request the special Ben Con/RMBGA room rate by May 15th to receive it. The special rate is $69.00 per night for a single, double, triple or quad (plus the usual taxes). Join us at the hotel so you don't have to drive home after each intense day of Ben Con! (A room at the hotel also makes it easier to get up for those 8AM events)! The cost of the convention site is determined by how many Ben Con room reservations are placed. The more people, the lower the cost of the convention space and the larger our donation to the charities will be! Directions to the Doubletree Hotel: Take I-70 to Exit 278 (Quebec). Proceed south on Quebec for approximately two miles. The Doubletree Hotel will be on your right.

Player Experience Levels

Check the player experience level of the event you wish to play. We put this notice on our event descriptions to help you decide which events are right for you. Here is a key to what the terms mean:

  • Beginner - Rules Taught: No experience necessary, the rules of the game will be taught during the session, new players welcome.
  • Beginner: No experience necessary with this particular game.
  • Intermediate: Some experience with this rule system or a similar rule system is necessary.
  • Advanced: You must be experienced with this rule system, and have a solid understanding of game concepts.

NOTE: Some Role-Playing events require you to be a member of the RPGA, an international association of role-playing enthusiasts. Not all RPGA events are members only, so read the event description to find out for sure. You can find out more about the RPGA at the Con!


We solicit prizes from dozens of game manufacturers, distributors and stores. Prizes include gift certificates, gaming products, and special items. Prizes vary from event to event. We always need more prizes - talk to your favorite game store and have them donate prizes!

At the conclusion of boardgame and miniatures events, you will be given your award or prize (if any). All other prizes and special trophies, including the trophies for best boardgamer, miniature gamer, role-player, and card gamer will be handed out at the Awards Ceremony SUN 4PM-6PM. If you cannot attend the awards ceremony, you may claim your award or prize (if any) at Convention HQ. If you miss receiving your award or prize, write to us after the Con.

Rules & Policies

  • ALWAYS BRING A COPY OF THE GAMES YOU WANT TO PLAY TO THE CONVENTION! ¥ WEAR YOUR CONVENTION BADGE AT ALL TIMES! Replacements for lost badges are full price. You may not play in any event unless you are wearing a paid one- or three-day convention badge. Bearers of Visitors Passes will not be eligible to play in any event, although you may purchase items in the Dealers Room and the Auctions, trade cards, etc.
  • THE CONVENTION STAFF IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR STOLEN PROPERTY. Please check at Convention HQ for any "Lost and Found" items, or to report any lost items.
  • NO LIVE ACTION GAMES are allowed outside of an organized event at this convention.
  • NO WEAPONS, REAL OR FACSIMILE, ARE ALLOWED AT THIS CONVENTION. Costumes are all right to wear, as long as weapons are not a part of them! Certain demonstration events are exempt from this policy.
  • NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED ON THE CONVENTION FLOORS. The legal drinking age in Colorado is 21.

Questions We Cannot Answer

We cannot answer questions regarding specific tournament information such as optional rules, features, or modifications that may be made to a game. If it's not in the event notes, everyone will find out just before the event starts!

Call For Volunteers

The RMBGA is a nonprofit organization run solely by volunteers. It is not a membership organization and all profits from our activities are donated to charities in the Rocky Mountain region. No one gets paid for doing any of this! Volunteers for events, registration, security, and Convention HQ are always welcome and needed. If you wish to become involved and help out at BEN CON, please write to us or call the convention information hotline (303) 665-7062. SPECIAL NOTE TO GAMING CLUBS: If six or more members of your club volunteer to help out at BEN CON as either event judges, security, etc., the RMBGA will run one half-page ad for your club FREE in the convention program booklet! Your ad must be provided camera-ready at 7" wide by 4-1/2" tall, and is due by March 1, 2023.

Event Judges

Run your favorite events! We are always in need of people to help run all of our tournaments! The more judges we have the more people can play. Judges also receive special benefits at the convention, such as access to our hospitality suite with munchies and a chance for special prizes! Call our hotline (303) 665-7062 to volunteer today!

Exhibitors & Advertisers

If you want to shop for great gaming supplies and accessories, be sure to visit the convention Dealers Room. In it you'll find everything from the latest new and used games to T-shirts, books, badges, buttons, model kits, and a vast array of miniatures, as well as game manufacturers and designers. If you have a product to sell or demonstrate, or information to share and wish to be an exhibitor or program booklet advertiser, please contact our Dealer Coordinator to get the latest information and a full Dealer Packet. We only do one Event Book for BEN CON, and it's typically published in early March, so get your ads in early (like by March 1, 1998)!

Non-Gaming Activities

A variety of non-gaming activities are available for those who want a break from gaming (or non-gamers looking for something to do). On-site events include Saturday night's Vampire Ball, and the writing workshop with Sean Moore and Mark Anthony. Additionally, the Hotel's Plaza's swimming pool and exercise facilities are available to those attendees staying at the hotel for a small additional fee.

The convention staff has a long list of local attractions for those who desire a change of scenery. View dinosaur tracks at the hogback geological ridge, ride the Alpine Slide at Heritage Square, see Buffalo Bill's grave, or visit the Colorado Railroad Museum. For adults, the casinos of Central City are just a short ride away and Coors brewery offers free tours and samples, too. Denver also boasts a U. S. Mint, an art museum, botanical gardens, and the new Elitch Gardens amusement park. Denver City Park houses the Denver Museum of Natural History, Zoological Gardens, IMAX Theater, and Gates Planetarium. Also, the hotel offers shuttle service to the Cherry Creek shopping district. These and other historical sites and museums are just minutes away. More complete information will be available at the BEN CON registration desk.