Bubble Bubble Slots

Some slot titles are an immediate and huge clue to the theme in store for you in that game. That is surely the case with this slot, where the witches that star in the game appear as part of the title logo. Let's see whether any toil and trouble follow from this title…

Developer details

The developer for this game is Realtime Gaming.

Take a foray into the demo version

This is ideal if you've never seen this game before, as there is a lot to appreciate when you check out the title.

A suitably witchy theme…

Yes, indeed, with Winni the witch taking a central role in proceedings. Many other familiar icons will appear too, along with a cauldron and some skulls. There are lots of things on the reels that may prove useful for a spell or two…

Design features in Bubble Bubble slots

The background gives us what looks like a graveyard, so you must see if you feel brave enough to step inside. While this slot has a spooky theme, the whole thing has a cartoon feel to it, so it isn't too gruesome to play.

Bubble Bubble slot features

The game has five reels for you to spin as things get underway, but no jackpot is presented that goes higher with each wager. There are assorted prizes within the paytable, of course.

Winni is an expanding wild, remaining only on reel three during the game. She does offer a generous 3x multiplier to any prize she contributes to when she appears, though. Her cauldron also has a role to play, this time as a scatter icon. Just two are needed to secure a scatter prize, although the more you find, the bigger that prize becomes.

Fixed paylines in play

They are fixed and there are 50 of them.

Place your bets

A minimum one-cent bet per line is on offer here. This means you must get 50 cents per spin at least, although the biggest bet maxes out at $12.50.

The paytable tells you everything about the available prizes

Review this prior to playing the game, so you can see what you might gain from it if you play. It also explains how various features work, which we are coming to next in our slot game review.

Bonus opportunities in Bubble Bubble

The cauldron appearing three times is a good thing in this slot. If three do show up, you can choose one. There are three varied bonuses that could be selected, and you won't know which one you will play until you choose your cauldron. You'll get the Great Ghosts bonus, the Wild Witches bonus, or the Bewitched bonus. This adds value to the slot as each trigger could produce something different.

Free spins in the slot

The Great Ghosts bonus earns you 20 freebies, while Wild Witches grants nine spins. You get seven spins in Bewitched, but in each case, there are other features to note during play as well. Spells and wilds are just two examples.

RTP value is unknown

Maybe Winni could cast a spell to reveal the answer?

Our rating is high for this one

We are giving this 9 out of 10 - it looks good, it has a good theme, and with three varied bonuses to try and find, each with its own perks, it is a game you could play for a while.

What is the jackpot worth?

It looks like around 3,000 credits is the best prize, but there is some potential for a few good prizes to be strung together in those free spin rounds.

Play for entertainment at good RTG casinos

This game is a popular one from their collection, so you'll find it in many of the casinos on that software platform.

Will you meet Winni and play for real?

We think you might, once you've met her in the demo version of the game.

You can play on mobile platforms too

In common with many other RTG games, you can happily play this one on iOS and Android as well.