Count Cashtacular Slots

Do you like creepy crawly things? If you do, Count Cashtacular Slots' 25 pay lines will make you happy. The game is also especially easy for beginner online casino game players to grasp. Multiple bonus features coupled with a lighthearted approach make this game feel vastly different from the other online casino games with horror themes available on the market. While the game evokes a horror theme, the tone of Count Cashtacular is humorous rather than deadly serious or outright spooky.


From the first few moments of playing, Count Cashtacular gives off a humorous tone in the cartoonish way that each of the symbols is drawn. While the symbols might be vampires and the setting a horror-based one, this game is not trying to scare you. The game isn't overly silly either, though. The best way to describe Count Cashtacular's tone is warm, light-hearted, and drawn from classic vampire images.

The game is best classified as medium volatility, which means that special features and payouts occur on an average basis and that players bet an average amount during the game. This all leads to a relaxed and comfortable gaming environment.


Count Cashtacular offers five vertical reels, three rows, and 15 places for symbols. The game also features 25 pay lines. Lines pay out from the left to right, and players are unable to change how many pay lines are active based on individual spins. The amount that players can bet ranges from € .01 to .25. When it comes to the size of maximum bets, this is a lower-than-average amount, but still enough that the payout is a substantial one.

The Count Dracula symbol is one of the most desirable symbols in the game and gives players the best possible payout for any one symbol. If the count leads to a two-of-a-kind combination a player receives a two-of-a-kind multiplier, and for a five-of-a-kind combination the count results in a 2,000 times multiplier. The Count Dracula symbol also results in a special feature where he knocks symbols wherever he shows up on the play field. This means that in any position Dracula lands, he can move symbols below him off the game field. This then results in wildcards being placed in these locations. A player can achieve as many as three wildcard counts on one reel at the same time.

If a player manages to land on the wildcard symbols on both the first and last reels in Count Cashtacular, the Pick Bonus Feature is activated. With this feature, players have the option to choose from one of two bonus options in the form of either free spins or re-spins. If a player selects a free spin, the player begins with 12 free turns. These free spins are distinct from the main game in that all payouts receive a 3 times multiplier including any line-based wins and scatter payouts. If players select the re-spin, both the first and last reels become locked. Then, the middle three reels re-spin several times.

In Conclusion

Not every game needs to be taken seriously, and Count Cashtacular is a good reminder of that. With its humorous tone and generous payouts, Count Cashtacular is a game that deserves to be played whether it's for the horror tones, humorous theme, or just to hit that lucky payday.