How Do No-Sweat Bets Work

Fan Duels remains a premier fantasy sports betting entity in the online sports casino sphere. Fan Duels rose to prominence during the early days of legalized sports betting in the United States. And before the sports gambling barrier fell, Fan Duels was one of the first outlets for Americans to make legal sports bets.

And to entice new players like yourself to join, Fan Duels offers exclusive no-sweat bets. But, of course, explaining the phenomenon around the no-sweat wagers is no-sweat at all.

No-Sweat Basics

No-sweat bets are Fan Duel's improvement over their initial risk-free bets. However, contrary to popular belief, no risk-free bets aren't always guaranteed. And to help keep players in the game and get new ones like yourself into the lucrative world of fantasy sports, Fan Duel came up with the no-sweat bet.

No-sweat bets require you to deposit anywhere from $10 to $1,000. The caveat is if your first bet wins based on your first deposit, you keep your deposit plus the winnings. However, if you lose, the no-sweat bonus gives you back your initial bet, thus the name no-sweat.

When using no-sweat bonuses, be sure to use them quickly. After fourteen days, they expire. Like its other free bets, Fan Duel's no-sweat bet allows you to spread them over a series of bets. No-sweat bets like free bets can't be withdrawn for cash. However, the winnings that come from them qualify for withdrawals.

Win Big with the $3,000 No-Sweat Bet

And to help you celebrate the big game between the Eagles and the Chiefs, Fan Duel is offering a $3,000 No-Sweat first bet. Win Super Bowl 57 either way when you create your account with the affiliate link. The minimum deposit for this feature is ten bucks, and you can expect winnings from this feature in at least 72 hours.