Bovada March Madness Odds

Every year in late February, the sports world comes together to experience the drama, the pain, and the monstrous wins that only March Madness can bring. Bovada, the undisputed online sports book leader, has all the bases covered to make this March Madness one to remember.

Bovada Introduces You to the Madness

One of the reasons that separate Bovada from other online sports bookies is its in-depth attention to the glossaries. To help you make the most informed tournament bets during March Madness, Bovada offers guides on how to bet on NCAA Basketball and March Madness specifically. Bovada's guide breaks down these specific bets:

  • Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Totals

Unlike the traditional points spread, the totals are an extra March Madness betting option at Bovada. In this case, you bet on the total combined output of both teams. This gives you an extra way of winning without losing everything on a point spread or straight bet. Bovada also affords you the luxury of betting under or over this combined total for an extra winning incentive.

Bet on the March Madness Bracket

With some information under your belt, you're ready to set up your March Madness bracket at Bovada. In true Bovada fashion, a unique section breaks down how to set up your bracket. In addition, Bovada offers you up-to-the-minute odds for the 64-team bracket. That way, you can make informed decisions on setting up the tour tourney bracket.

Bovada also has a special section about college basketball futures. You can see the latest info on who's expected to win the tournament. And yes, you can bet on this March Madness future. Bovada also breaks down which teams are projected to win the first round and the remaining rounds.

If you want to bet on a single game, you can make point spread, money line, and total wagers. The money line bet incurs more risk than the point spread because your chosen team must win straight up with the chosen points amount.

Besides the head-to-head odds, you will also find first-half lines if you wish to make diverse bets for each half. Bovada also provides player props for each game. For example, place prop bets on how many rebounds or block shots you think a particular player will get.