Bovada Golf Odds

Bovada the undisputed leader in online sports betting, invites you to get your long irons and make the winning wager on your favorite tournament. Bovada also brings the alluring prop bets to the golf course, where you can rack up the wins for an individual golfer.

Bovada Walks you through the Golf Bets

Bovada, like it, does for its other sports, walks you through the nuances of golf betting. You will find the latest and upcoming golf matches and tournaments when you head to the golf section. Each match comes with up-to-the-minute odds that break down favorites and other vital attributes.

Future Golf Odds

Common golf future odds include which golfer will win an upcoming tournament, such as the PGA US Open. Bovada provides you with calculated odds with a corresponding number of which golfer is projected to win the tournament.

Straight-Up Golf Bets

Bovada also accepts head-to-head bets. Here, you determine which golfer will have a better score at the end of the event or the round. Bovada innovates the golf betting system with three-ball wagers. Like it implies, the player that has the lowest score wins this dynamic betting encounter.

It requires all players to participate for the three-ball vector to kick in. However, in case of a tie, Bovada applies the winnings equally to the risk and the reward, so you'll at least break even.

Live Golf Bets at Bovada

Of course, Bovada allows you to win as the tournament unfolds. A unique marker indicates that your golf event qualifies for live play. You can make live prop bets on whether the golfer scores a hole-in-one or how many birdies they will get during the tournament. You can also bet on whether the golfer finishes in the top ten or the final score at the end of the tournament.