Bovada Boxing

You don't have to take a punch to win this boxing contest. Bovada, the premier online sportsbook, delivers a winning combination with in-depth boxing betting. From professional boxing to mixed martial arts, Bovada brings you the lowdown with gut-punching boxing bets. We break down the different ways to become the boxing champion better in this article.

Getting into the Betting Ring

Like the rest of its illustrious sports games, Bovada gives members like yourself an introduction to the glorious world of boxing betting. With boxing, Bovada accepts these types of wagers:

  • Moneyline
  • Totals
  • Victory method
  • The fight length

With the boxing money line, you choose which fighter wins the contest-Cut and dry. But, of course, before the fight, Bovada gives you the odds about which fighter is the favorite and the other is the underdog.

Breaking Down the Boxing Totals

Usually, the totals for other sports betting work on the combined point output for both teams. The totals work regardless of the point spread or which team wins. With the boxing totals, it goes by the over or under method. Here, you can place wagers on how many rounds the boxing contest goes through. You can win if the bout doesn't go over the rounds.

For example, if you made a six-round total, you would win naturally if the fight ended in the sixth round. Likewise, if the contest ends in under six rounds, you still win with the under method. In contrast, you lose the totals if the match goes over six rounds. However, if you make an over bet, for example, the boxing match goes over six rounds, you would win the totals wager.

How the Boxing Match Ends

Perhaps the most intriguing boxing bet at Bovada is how the bout ends. A boxing match ends in either a knockout, a technical knockout, or a split decision. Betting on how the bout ends increases your odds of winning because you don't have to bet on a particular fighter.