Bovada Live Betting

When it comes to elite and captivating online sports betting, nobody does it better than Bovada. Besides making the usual straight or spread bets before the game, Bovada invites you to go live with your bets. Here are some of the common sports that gladly accept live bets:

  • Tennis
  • Racing
  • Golf
  • Hockey

Of course, Bovada also accepts live bets for the NBA, the NFL, MMA, and various sports tournaments all year round, including the FIFA World Cup. The benefits of live betting include in-game wagers or betting per quarter or by the half.

To see which games qualify for a live bet, check the daily schedule like usual and look for live features. That's your cue that a particular game qualifies for live betting. If the game is in progress, Bovada provides new betting features for the live feature.

And during the game action or if injuries occur, the live betting odds and props adjust on the fly. Or if your intended team is losing mightily, the live betting feature permits you to change course during the game's course.

Once tip-off occurs for basketball, the live betting aspect begins. And if you're into the football side of things, the live betting begins after kickoff. For baseball, the first pitch breaks the live-betting ice. After that, you use the same bet slip to make in-game adjustments for live bets.

Football and basketball show you your money line bet options for the game's duration. In addition, the live bet features allow you to switch money line bets for a new winner or change prop bets on the fly.

Bovada adjusts the prop bets during the live betting feature. So, for example, your initial bet might have been on Steph Curry making ten three-pointers for the game. But the live betting feature allows you to switch your bets with viable options like Lebron James making ten three-pointers in the game.

As always, you can rely on Bovada to provide an in-depth guide on how to bet on individual sports. And if you need to brush up on the different sports bets, Bovada answers the bell with guides for the different sports bets.