Crazy Luck Casino

Crazy Luck Casino is a new online offering that has some really great features. It doesn’t have our recommendation for your next online casino just yet though. Take some time to get to know the features on the site to see if it’s a good fit for your needs or not. Below is our complete review of the casino, find out if it’s right for you by reading along.

Crazy Luck is Built on Rival Powered

Crazy Luck Casino relies on games from Rival Powered when gambling online. That means that players that wager on the site can choose from a good selection of slots, table games and more that are all designed for mobile and to have highly interactive features. If you’re interested in wagering online and trying for some big prize payouts, you can achieve those goals with some time spent at Crazy Luck Casino thanks in large part to its reliance on Rival Powered games.

A Cluttery and Overwhelming Lobby

This casino has a crowded and overwhelming lobby that can make it intimidating to start playing at. That doesn’t mean the casino is a bad place to play at though. Gamblers interested in getting started easily will find the different features and games quickly accessible. Just look around the site for the different features and you’ll start to see the potential if you can look beyond the immediate clutter.

Most Countries are Accepted

Most countries from around the world are accepted on the Crazy Luck casino platform. That makes it simple to join for gamblers from countries like Australia, the United States, and others. Try it out for yourself to see if your country is accepted, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to join and play there.

Crazy Luck has a Standard Game Selection

For gamblers looking for a basic gameplay experience, Crazy Luck has a nice selection of games to choose from. There are table games, classic and modern slots, some specialty games like Keno and Sudoku and some exciting progressive jackpot games to play for. Between all of those different options, there is a bit of something for everyone. It’s a good time to be a member of the casino and long-term gamblers will have plenty of variety to pick through as they gamble online.

Free Play and Real Money Wagering are Available

You can test out the different games or play them for real money at Crazy Luck casino depending on what you are interested in. Either way, you’ll have to go through the free registration process in order to gain access to the different games. Take a few minutes and go through registration to get started and then you’ll be ready to begin wagering and taking advantage of all the different features offered on the casino website. Take some time to register and then you can start testing and playing around with all the different options available today at the casino. new slots

A Solid Welcome Offer

New gamblers at Crazy Luck casino can get up to $1,000 in bonus cash over their first for deposits into the site. These bonuses are unlocked $250 at a time through 100% deposit match bonuses. That means whatever you deposit up to $250 is what you’ll unlock in bonus cash for your first four deposits. This is a decent bonus offer and a solid base to gamble on, but there are other casinos that offer 200% or even 300% deposit match bonus offers with lower maximum bonus payouts, which is something to consider if you want to deposit a smaller amount when getting started.

Surprise Bonuses Every Day

The Surprise Bonus system rewards players each time they make a deposit into the casino after the welcome bonuses are used up. Make a deposit into the casino and manually activate a surprise bonus in order to get credited by the casino. The credit is a surprise and is only activated if you make a $25 minimum deposit. It’s a simple way to unlock some added benefits though.

Cash Back Every Week

Each week that you play at Crazy Luck casino you’ll be eligible for up to 20% cashback on your losses. That’s an excellent deal that will help make playing at the site worthwhile even when other casinos offer a larger selection of games.

Earn Comp Points with Each Wager

No matter what games you play you will earn a single comp point for every $1.00 that you wager while playing at the casino. These comp points build up over time and work to help you unlock bonus cash that you can wager with. Play regularly and you’ll quickly build up your stash of bonus cash to wager with.

Refer Friends for Cash

Start referring your friends to play at the casino as well and you’ll unlock $50 for each new player that makes a real money deposit into their casino account for the first time. Bringing in new friends is a great way to keep your account balance full while introducing others to this excellent online casino.

No Tournament Options are Available

As a player at Crazy Luck casino, you won’t have the option to enter into different tournaments and play online as you do at some other casinos. That’s a serious loss for gamblers that want to test out their skill and go up against other gamblers. Instead, you’ll be left playing casinos the traditional way, which isn’t nearly as challenging.

Regular Rewards and Payout Opportunities

As a player at Crazy Luck casino, you can benefit from the ongoing rewards system and the prize payout opportunities as well. There are ongoing promotional offers that you can use again and again to really profit from all the free money you bring in. If that’s not enough already, you can also win really great prizes from some of the slots and specialty games if you spend enough time playing them.

Instant Play Works Good for Mobile

The instant-play portion of Crazy Luck casino works very well for mobile gamblers looking for a way to wager online. These players can easily tap into all the different games on offer and play them right on their collection of tablet and smartphone screens without a download. Skip the apps, stop worrying about compatibility and just try out the games in your favorite mobile browser. This is a great way to experience the features offered by the casino and it’s an excellent option if you’re interested in gambling while away from home.

Instant or Downloadable Apps

As a member of Crazy Luck casino you can play with the instant play platform, or by downloading software and wagering that way. No matter which way you decide to gamble, you can access the different features quickly and easily. Get started on the site and see just how many different options you have to work with when you get going.

Registration is Essential but Simple

Some sites make free testing available without registering for an account. This isn’t the case at Crazy Luck casino. If you want to test out the game library, you must at least have a free account that you register for. Take a few minutes to obtain this account and you’re ready to play. You just need to fill out a short form in order to qualify, which shouldn’t be difficult for any gambler.

Affiliates Can Earn up to a 40% Revenue Share

Interested affiliates that want to represent Crazy Luck casino as well as other casino brands can do so through the AFFGoldMine platform. This site offers access to a nice mix of brands and will pay out up to 40% in revenue share to successful affiliates. Find out about the different options available to you and learn how you can really profit by being part of this excellent platform.

Sports Wagering isn’t Possible Here

Some casinos are combined with sports wagering platforms for convenience for the players that want to place those sorts of bets. Crazy Luck Casino isn’t one of those sites. If you want to place wagers on sporting events you will have to spend the time to join another site. Some gamblers like having separate sites, others prefer to have all their gambling platforms under a single account. If you don’t mind having separate accounts for sports betting and casino gambling you can still enjoy a Crazy Luck membership.

Get your News Through the Promotions Page

Anytime you want to know about the new features or promotions available at Crazy Luck casino you just have to visit the promotions page of the site. Do this to find out about the latest offers and even some of the new games made available. There is no blog or forum to get information from, so you have to use the home page and the promotions page to learn what’s going on.

Live Dealer Features Aren’t Available

Only arcade-style table games are available at Crazy Luck casino. Gamblers interested in live-dealer wagering will be disappointed to hear that that isn’t an option at this online casino. Most table game favorites are supported on the site though making it a good option for some gamblers.

Limited Banking Tools

The casino isn’t concerned with offering a huge selection of banking tools, but rather making basic tools available for simple transactions. Gamblers at Crazy Luck will have credit and debit cards as well as bank transfers and eWallet services to use for their different banking tools. These limited tools will allow all the banking transactions to take place, which might be an issue for some gamblers at the casino that don’t want to use those tools.

No Cryptocurrency Support

Cryptocurrency payment tools like Bitcoin and Litecoin are quickly becoming a favorite way to move money around for online gambling purposes. Those tools aren’t available at Crazy Luck casino. Any gamblers that prefer to rely on those methods will have to choose a different site or a different banking tool.

Just Enough Support

There aren’t a huge number of support tools at the casino, but there are just enough tools to get answers to the most common questions that you’re likely to have. For instance, there is email support for asking simple but brief questions to the support team. There is also a live chat tool available at all hours of the day for those questions that need answering quickly. Between those two methods, it’s simple to get help when you need it at the casino.

Crazy Luck Casino is an interesting site with a blend of powerful features and a lack of other features. As a gambler at the site, you’ll miss out on live dealer games and slot tournaments. You’ll benefit from excellent promotions and a good solid selection of games though. Consider these differences to help you decide if the casino is right for you or not.