Dr WinMore Slots

Real Time Gaming is launching a brand new slot game entitled Dr WinMore Slots. As many online sources have stated recently, Real Time Gaming has gone up several notches in their design and implementation of slot games. Thus we have this new game which has no pay lines, but is relatively new in that it is a Cluster Slot. This game is available for Instant Play on desktops and mobile devices.

What is a Cluster Slot?

You may have come across this type of slot in your online casino game play. A cluster slot is one in which four or more symbols will appear vertically or horizontally while next to each other to form a cluster of like symbols.

Special Features and Symbols

The special features include Free Spins, Wilds, Special symbols, Cascading symbols and Prize Multipliers, and the top prize is 300xs your bet. In this slot game, Dr WinMore is the Wild symbol will contribute to achieving additional winning combinations. The Robots are also special as they will appear at random on the slot and remain in place until no more wins are achieved. When there is a winning combination, however, as with most cascading symbols, those that formed the winning combo will be replaced by new symbols; thus the term cascading symbols. The special symbols will also disappear when there are no wins. If this occurs, the multiplier will increase.

What is the Prize Multiplier?

The prize multiplier will increase to allow for cascading wins in succession from the same original spin. Here’s how it works: The prizes are 2xs on the first cascading win, 3xs on the second, and so on. On the fifth cascading win, however, the prize will be 6xs. The feature ends when there are no more wins and the multiplier go back to one.

Who is the Software Provider for this Game?

Real Time Gaming is the provider.

How Many Reels and Paylines are there in this Game?

Dr WinMore Slots is a Cluster Bonus Video Slot with no reels or pay lines.

Does this Game offer Free Spins?

Yes, it does.

Can this Game be played in Demo Mode.

Yes. Real Time Gaming offers all US players the opportunity to play this game in Demo Mode at our top online casinos.

Can I Play Dr WinMore Slots for Fun and for Real Money?

Yes. Sunshine-Slots.com provides players with all online casinos where you can play Dr WinMore slots either for fun or for real money. As a Real Time Gaming Slot, we will provide you with the online casinos where you can play this game however you like.

Can I Play Dr WinMore Slots on my Mobile Device?

Yes. It is available for Android and iOS Mobile Devices.

What is the Theme of this Game?

The theme is Science. If you have played the new Pulsar Slots, you will most definitely enjoy playing Dr WinMore Slots.

Do You Know if this Game has Been Rated?

Yes. In fact, we have already been notified that this game has thus far received a 10 rating.

Will you provide a Full Review of this Game?

Yes. When the game is officially launched, we will review the entire game and post it on our site.


I really like this game and I believe that it will remain at the 10 rating when it is released. I have reviewed many a slot game in the last 10 years, and I have a feel for what slot will become a big hit or not. Therefore, please bookmark this page and stay tuned to Sunshine-Slots.com to read the full review when it launches.