Fishbowl Luck Slots

Blue always looks calming, and so it is in the Fishbowl Luck slot game. There are slow-moving bubbles floating around too. However, a couple of cats are looking out to see if they could grab some fish. Could you grab some if you find winning lines in this game?

We are going to review Fishbowl Luck slots here for you. So, if you’ve never tried them before, now is your chance to do so.

Who is the developer?

This is a Slotland slot, found at a small handful of online casinos.

Try the demo before some real play

Things should go swimmingly for you here, even if prizes do not come your way. It’s a nice calming game to play, with nothing fishy going on. Okay, we’ll leave the puns there, shall we?

A fishy theme

But in a good way, as we do get the titular fishbowl taking center stage in this game. You can expect lots of exotic fish to appear too.

An eye-catching design is present

We love the design, with that nice cool blue making all the fish stand out. The fish are simply drawn yet provide a good mix of colors across the reels. Those bubbles are calming to watch too. It’s a cartoon, for sure, but a nice one that has just the right amount of detail.

Learning the basics of the Fishbowl Luck slots

This is billed as a five-reel mega matrix slot. You might be forgiven for thinking it has six reels when you look at it, though. This is because there are four rows that show differing quantities of icons depending on which row you look at. From top to bottom, you’ll see 6, 6, 4, and 2 icons.

There aren’t any progressive jackpots here, so the game only pays out according to the paytable.

We do get two special symbols to look at though. Both use the role of the symbol as a design label for the icon. So, the wild says WILD and the scatter says SCATTER.

The wild replaces everything else that could appear in the game. That would seem to include the scatter, too, according to the details we have. There are lots of fish to try and match up, along with the lower-value letters which appear in blue bubble format.

How many paylines are there in Fishbowl Luck?

There are 16, all of which are fixed. We suggest looking at the paytable to see how they are arranged. Unusually, two of the lines require six matching icons across each of the top two rows on the screen.

Meanwhile, other lines only require two or three identical icons to trigger a prize. That unusual line matrix certainly gives you some strange combo positions to look for.

Place your bets

If you go through to the game settings option behind the burger icon, you can look at the coin options there. Coins range from a cent to 10 cents, with the bet amount going from five to 25 on each line.

Paytable location

That burger icon takes you through to the help area. If you select game help from there, you’ll see the top of the paytable. Scroll to read the rest of it, as it all appears on the same page.

No bonus available in this slot game

Move along, nothing to see here, sadly.

Free spins are available, though

The scatter is the triggering symbol for these. Find just two scatter symbols and you’ll receive 10 free spins of the reels. If you discover additional scatters during those free games, you’ll earn another freebie spin for each one.

RTP is unknown

The information wasn’t highlighted in the paytable or anywhere else we searched for it.

Our rating for Fishbowl Luck slots

This is a good 7 out of 10 game. We approve of the additional free spins you could get while in the initial set of 10, and since you only need to find two scatters to trigger them, it’s easier to make it through to that round.

Winners remain unknown

We doubt we’ll hear of any winners for this game, as it is only available at selected casinos. The yellow fish with red lips and straggly tail and fins is the highest paying icon. This one awards up to 5,000x your wager if you can get six on a line.

Get started with the demo

Does this game have enough potential to persuade you to play? The best way to find out is to try the demo version first.

Play for real – but figure out your bet level first

The game screen shows your total coin amount to wager on each spin before you play. Make sure you know how much this is, so you can be sure of betting only what you can afford.

This game looks good on mobile too

You should find you can happily play the game on Android, iOS, and other mobile platforms. That would be a great way to experience this fishy title.