GGPoker Room

Recently released on UK soil, GG Poker has arrived on British shores with the promise for a lot of high quality, entertaining poker thrills and a spectacular website, which will give visitors everything they need in order to have a complete and memorable gambling experience. The homepage gives concise explanations regarding the signing up process, advertises the site’s promotions and gives a taste of the fan – favorite games of the GGPoker. It is fully available for mobile devices. Customer service can be contacted 24/7 and highly trained professionals are always standing by, ready to listen to your questions and resolve any kinds of problems. The main menu also offers an extremely helpful How to Play section, which can greatly assist newcomers.

Poker Games, BlackJack and Mobile Use

The list of games includes Texas Hold’Em, Pot Limit Omaha, All-In or Fold and Fortune Spins. There are all sorts of tournaments that contain these game types and they can be joined by all players. The option to experience GGPoker on a mobile device is quite comfortable and very impressive, since the conversion of the desktop version of the website is complete. The mobile casino features excellent features, a number of financial and visual surprises and an excellent smaller design that not just overcomes the need to sacrifice the site’s comforts but the contrary – it improves upon the larger-sized version, making the whole experience much quicker, simpler but equally interactive.

Special Features

There are numerous special features available on the website, starting with the All-In Insurance, which makes sure that the player who suffers a bad beat will receive some kind of a bonus amount provided that the hand has a 67 percent chance of winning or better. PokerCraft is a special tool, which allows you to investigate and therefore improve your own game. With it, a player can replay and analyze past games. Tournaments Staking allows gamblers to observe the games of others and bet based on their personal predictions for the eventual outcome. Hand Moments is a very simple but entertaining option, through which a player can pick any moment of an ongoing poker game and post it and share it on a social media for other poker enthusiasts to comment and react to it. Featured Tables puts you in the website’s spotlight in a game that everybody on the website can observe. VIP Rooms is something similar to Featured Tables, however the difference here is that players can get in only through an invitation by a VIP manager. Table Features is a collection of various comforts, all of which are unique and special for GGPoker, such as Run it Three Times, which, following the opponents’ agreement can play the board out 3 times, Straddle (a blind bet option, which raises the stakes), Rabbit Hunt, which reveals the cards that would’ve arrived, if a player had played on with a hand and many others.

Promotions and Rewards

Right now, there are 6 active promotions but that number can rise at any given day. There is the First Deposit Bonus, which delivers a 200 percent match bonus on the initial deposit of the player with the potential of delivering as much as 1000 dollars. Frequency Freerolls offers a 250-dollar prize that can be acquired following the completion of a challenge that can be assigned to gamblers every 2 weeks. International Poker Open 2017 is an event that is part of the Dublin 2017 celebration, which is marking GGPoker’s release in the UK. The prize pool of the tournament will be 250 000 euros. Gamblers can also benefit from weekly Depositor Freerolls: 400 dollars can be won each month. If a player successfully finds himself or herself on the top of a monthly Tournament Leaderboard, a portion of the collective prize of 100 000 dollars will be awarded. The Cookie Freerolls bonus involves Fortune Cookies. If 10 of those special items are collected by a player, a share of 30 000 dollars can be acquired every month. GGPoker also has an option, called Rakeback, which is actually a very spectacular bonus: 35 percent of the player’s wagers will return to his or her account balance.

GGPoker is a great place for anyone who loves poker and the sooner fans of the game sign up, the sooner they will be overwhelmed by the site’s endless comforts and great games.