Free Spins vs. Match vs. No Deposit

From beginners to battle-tested online casino players, bonuses and promotions continue to make or break online casinos. It's common for these same online casinos to compete against each other by pampering members, new and old, with a slew of bonuses. With so many casino promotions, you might be scratching your head about the differences between the free spins, matching bonuses, and no-deposit bonuses.

Understanding the Free Spins

Free spins only apply to slot games. The question becomes, which slot game, or does it work for all the online casino slot games? Also, some free spin packages might only apply to a particular game developer. It is common for today's online casinos to have dozens, if not hundreds, of game developers.

But the magic behind free spins bonuses is that they are not always stand-alone bonuses. Sometimes, you can find generous free spins as part of the general welcome package. Don't worry. We will discuss matching bonuses in a moment. But you also find free spins as part of a no-deposit package.

No-deposit bonuses can come as free chips that have a fixed cash value, or they can be free spins. Regardless of how you get the free spins, please pay close attention to the playthrough and wagering requirement terms because they must be met before you can withdraw. And depending on the casino, you might have a specific time frame to use the free spins. Otherwise, they might expire, and you get nothing from the deal.

When a new slot game hits the online casino market, it is standard practice for the online casino to use free spins to promote that particular game. It is also common for online casinos to use free spins to promote the game of the week or the month. And lately, daily free spins boosters have become popular.

Understanding the Matching Bonuses

The overwhelming majority of matching bonuses come from first-time depositors. Most likely, the first deposit has a 100% matching bonus worth up to a certain amount, usually $1,000. However, some online casinos might offer higher maximums.

Today's online casinos have a multi-level welcome package with multiple matching bonuses. Even with this system, the first deposit is typically worth 100%, while the second and third deposits might only be 75% to 50%. Today, these online casinos have a fourth or even fifth level for matching bonuses for new members. Typically, the last matching bonus is also 100%.

And like free spins, matching bonuses also have playthrough and wagering requirements. Sometimes, you might have to enter a bonus code to trigger them, but usually, they are automatically applied to your account.

Besides the general welcome package, virtually all online casinos have rebate and cashback bonuses. Rebate bonuses allow you to bet a percentage of money back based on losses. Cashback bonuses are weekly and daily and match a percentage of your first deposit or deposits throughout the day or week.

Understanding No-Deposit Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses, otherwise known as sign-up bonuses, give new members free money or perks like free spins. No-deposit bonuses are meant to be enticing to get new members to create accounts. Usually, a no-deposit bonus is either a free spins package or free money, but not usually both.