The Best Florida Gambling Sites

When you think of Florida, all-year round sunshine, oranges and football might come to mind, but not gambling. However, Florida, in recent years, has quickly become a go to spot for tribal-owned casinos. While it might not jump off at first, Florida has quietly legalized gambling since the late 1980s, but it has expanded to accept table games and retail sports betting.

But while other American states are working overtime to set up licensed online casinos in their states, this still isn't the case for Florida. Florida still hasn't legalized online gambling, but it more than welcomes offshore casinos. Before American states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania had dozens of online casinos in their state, elite offshore casinos continued to garner much attention. But in this article, we explore the top online gambling sites that continue to have Florida in the palm of their hands.

Ignition Casino

It's hard to believe that Ignition Casino was part of the Bovada brand once upon a time, but since it branched out on its own, it has become a go-to for Floridians. Ignition Casino lures new Florida players to join with a stupendous welcome package worth $3,000. New Florida members must use a crypto option to qualify for the entire $3,000 welcome package. But for the regular $2,000 welcome prize, Florida players can use credit cards and other non-crypto methods.

Besides the signature promotions, Ignition Casino remains the crème of the crop for competitive poker tournaments. Floridians can't get enough of the sensational Knockout, Jackpot Sit, and Go Tournaments. Ignition Casino also offers guaranteed tournaments worth thousands of dollars. And for Florida players using crypto, Ignition Casino has poker-free rolls worth up to $2,500.

Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino continually ranks as one of the most sought-after online casinos globally. Floridians come from all walks of life and different skin colors, and these influences have helped to fuel the love of Bovada's elite sports betting and exceptional online poker play to new heights.

Bovada also maintains a special place in Floridians' hearts because it is arguably the best casino to promote crypto banking heavily. For example, Bovada delivers a hard-to-resist crypto welcome package worth $3,750 to make new Florida members ready to join. Bovada offers a similar crypto sports welcome package worth $750. Of course, the caveat is that you must use a crypto method for your first deposit. Bovada ranks closely to Ignition with some of the best and most comprehensive online poker tournaments. With one of the most comprehensive banking selections, including more than half a dozen crypto options, Bovada continues to soar in the Sunshine State.

BetUs Sportsbook

When it comes to championship online sports betting, you might spend all day searching for one that outdoes BetUS. BetUS is one of the largest offshore online casinos, literally and figuratively which is perfect for Floridians to legally create their accounts and build a war chest of sports bets. BetUS offers in-depth sports betting guides to help new members make informative and winning bets.

This also means Floridians can bet on their beloved professional and college sports teams. Next to Texas, Florida is rich with College Football, and Floridians have a legal gateway to bet on them. Unlike licensed online casinos, it is usually forbidden for residents to bet on teams in their state. Still, because BetUs is an offshore site, Floridians can bet on their beloved Miami Dolphins and Florida Gators.