Why Do Classic-style Slots Stay Popular

Today, five-reel slot games are undoubtedly the standard for online casinos. And some online gambling sites go further with six-reel games. But, because today's five-reel games often feature cinematic graphics and soundtracks for realism or mega-way systems for maximum winning power, it's easy to overlook the three-reel games.

Most online casinos still have a three-reel section to honor the original slot games. However, some online gamblers prefer three-reel games, especially at Wager Gaming Software casinos. But why are these archaic slot games still in demand? Continue to read why single-pay line slots are still worth the gamble.

They're Great for Beginners

If you're reading this three-reel slot guide, chances are you are a veteran slot player who primarily plays five-reel slot games. But, if you are new to slot games, three-reel games might seem the perfect option to gain some experience. While playing, most slot games aren't overly complicated because three-reel slot games are bare bones.

Also, three-reel slot games are budget-friendly. If you're beginning playing slot games and don't have much money, three-reel slot games remain an ideal choice because you can wager a single, double, or the maximum three-coin. Even if you gamble with a single coin, you can still spin to win a nice chunk of change and a portion of the progressive jackpot if available. Also, gaming developers, like Real-Time Gaming, continue to improve three-reel games for today's slot players. Today, you can find them with five pay lines to help give you a feeling of playing a blockbuster five-reel game.

Higher RTPs

Because it costs less to play three-reel games compared to five-reel games, the RTP is naturally higher. RTP refers to return to the player, and it measures how much you can expect to get back per $100 wagered. Unlike five-reel slot games that can have scores of symbols and hundreds, if not thousands, of pay lines, the chances of winning consistently are slimmer. Also, you must wager more money in the long term to win massive jackpots like progressive pots or complex free spins bonus rounds.

Classic three-reel slot games typically don't have bonus rounds, and the paytable is considerably smaller, commonly five symbols at the most. Depending on the three-reel game, a wild symbol might play a part in the progressive jackpot that can top tens of thousands of dollars. But for a nickel or less, you can win a considerable amount of money.

Three-reel Slot Games and Promotions

Fortunately, most online casinos have free spins and no-deposit bonuses to help you win for free for creating your account. To maximize these free prizes, you can get the most bang for your buck with three-reel games. This is another reason why single-pay line games will always be in demand.

The same applies to the general welcome package, typically a 100% matching bonus worth hundreds to thousands of dollars for first deposits. Again, three-reel games are the ideal choice to stretch out the welcome bonus money. Also, three-reel games count 100% towards bonus requirements, like five-reel slot games.