Falls View Online Casino Promo Codes

If you prefer traditional land-based casinos, Falls View Casino and Resort lives up to the hype. Based in Niagara Falls in Ontario Province, Canadians and Americans can enjoy a night of dancing and other entertainment like concerts. Or, they can enjoy the dining options at Falls View Casino and Resort.

But, of course, the gambling and sports betting options are the main attraction of Falls View Casino and Resort. And with the right promotions, you can cash out with buckets full of money at Falls View Casino.

Falls View Instant Win Promotions

Falls View is always looking to make its members instant winners, and thanks to the instant win bonuses, you could be next. Every Monday, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., Falls View has the instant win feature. If you have a momentum card, swipe it in one of the many kiosks on the premises during the instant win period to win a chance of $250 momentum dollars. Falls View's momentum dollars work like reward points or Bally Bucks, where members can earn vacations, free hotel stays, and free gameplay.

Tenth Anniversary Promotions

Today members celebrate of Falls View's tenth anniversary. To reward its members for their devoted and timely contributions, Falls View offers you the chance to earn up to 0 momentum dollars. If you haven't done so already, swipe your membership card in one of the many kiosks to earn a rare shot at the grand prize.

All Falls View members are automatically enrolled in the grand finale sweepstakes for a chance to win $500 in bonus money and $500 worth of bonus play. Ten Falls View members have a chance at the grand prize. Hopefully, you're the last member standing.

The Slapshot Showdown

Take your love for the coolest game on Earth to a rewarding level with Falls View's Slapshot Showdown. Every Thursday until the end of October, Falls View gives its members a shot at $120k in bonus cash and free play. Members are randomly selected between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Thursdays while playing a slot machine or table game to make the Slapshot of a lifetime.

Be sure to swipe your momentum card in the kiosk to become eligible to be chosen for a Slapshot. And based on your loyalty level, you can earn two or three Slapshots.

Hot Gifts Giveaway

Starting November 1 and until the end of the month, Falls View can't wait to give away many luxurious gifts to members like you. Thursdays in November present members with a chance of winning 0,000 throughout the Hot Gifts Giveaway promotion. Every week, Falls View randomly chooses 18 lucky members to receive random gifts. The first step is to swipe your momentum card in a kiosk to win off the top.

Jackpot Club Grand Prize

Falls View members compete against other loyalty club members for a shot of $55,000 in bonus money and free slot play. The grand draw goes down on December 3 this year, so you want to continue to rack up those precious Falls View momentum points.