Spotting Unfair Bonus Terms

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So, you have access to some pretty blockbuster and splendid bonuses or promotions. You're licking your chops about all the fantastic slot and table games that lie ahead, but not so fast. Have you taken the time to read about the specific bonus terms? That's why we are here. It doesn't matter how tremendous the casino bonus is. If the bonus terms are lousy, it's not worth your time. After reading our unfair bonus terms guide, you can quickly spot unfair bonus terms.

Unclear Bonus Terms

First and foremost, any solid bonus should be easy to understand. The casino's terms and conditions are the first place to check on any bonus terms. Vague or hard-to-understand bonus language are tall signs that maybe you shouldn't opt into them.

But understanding the terms and conditions also applies to membership. Before you agree to become an online casino member, please ensure you understand all the terms for creating an account and how to maintain your account. One great step is to only deal with licensed casinos. Licensed casinos afford members specific protection and are held accountable by the government that issued its license.

All online casinos must declare their terms and privacy protection transparently. Casinos that don't practice transparency should be avoided.

Unclear Player Eligibility

Unfortunately, not every bonus is universal. For example, some bonuses are meant only for VIPs, while others are meant only for new members. Each casino bonus should declare how it works and to whom it applies. As a rule of thumb, no-deposit bonuses and first-time deposit bonuses are only for new members. Every member is eligible for cashback, daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses.

The best way to understand member eligibility for any bonus is to refer to that bonus' terms and conditions. VIP members might have exclusive access to high-roller bonuses, or some might differ depending on your VIP level.

Pay Attention to the Wagering Requirements

While it's easy to fall in love with the fantastic bonus money or free spins package, please don't lose sight of the wagering or playthrough requirements that come with them. If you have to wager 100x on the value of the bonus, perhaps it's not worth taking up the bonus. The same applies to wagering requirements that fall between 60x to 70x. Slot games mostly have lower wagering requirements, while table games have higher wagering requirements. This is because most table games, like Blackjack, require larger playing hands.

But, if the wagering requirements are 10x, maybe 30x your bonus bet, then perhaps consider opting into the bonus. Also, the wagering requirements should stipulate which games it works for and which doesn't. If it doesn't stipulate this, this is a red flag and a sign to avoid it.

Understand the Bonus Penalties

While it is important to adhere to any bonus rules so it doesn't become void, it's another thing if there are penalties associated with the bonus. While most bonuses permit withdrawals until you satisfy the playthrough requirements, it's not wise to take up promotions that penalize you for making early withdrawals.