Godzilla Vs King Kong Slots

I seem to recall a movie of the same name in which these two giants battled each other. Of course, my money was on Kong. However, in this slot game – Godzilla Vs King Kong, you will encounter something a little different.

What Can You Tell Me About the Game?

The background of this game is a city with very tall buildings. You will see Kong and Godzilla as well as the Airplane that brought Kong down. You will also see such symbols as a Woman Doctor, and a Man or Woman Reporter, which is a bit different than the movie. There are also 6 card symbols as well. Here is something that will excite the players – the game has ONE Jackpot – a Mystery Jackpot! You can see the Jackpot Mystery Box at the top left of the Slot.

Who is the Game Developer for this Slot?

Arrow’s Edge is the well-known software provider that produces some really cool slot games.

Play Godzilla Vs King Kong in Demo Mode

This new slot game can be played in Demo Mode at our recommended online casinos.

What is the Theme of this Game?

Because it is based on the movie of the same name, the theme is Movies.

How is the Game Designed?

It has a simple but effective design. You can just picture Godzilla running through and/or crushing cars as the battle begins, while Kong would climb the tall buildings and perhaps leap onto Godzilla. Here is another cool feature. The reels spin, like a toy top would spin.

How Many Reels and Paylines are there in this Game?

Godzilla Vs King Kong is a 5x3-reel, 20-payline bonus video slot.

What are my Betting Options?

The coin denominations start with 40 cents and go as high as $240, which is the max bet per spin.

About the Pay Table

I always recommend that players read the pay table before playing the game. The pay table can be accessed by clicking on the question mark at the lower left part of the slot. The pay table will give you the basic rules, the pay lines, the actual pay table with symbols and payouts, and the features of the game.

Do the Special Features Include Free Spins and a Bonus Round?

Yes. In this game you will have the opportunity to win the Free Spins Round when you get 3, 4, or 5 Airplane symbols. Depending on how many appear on the slot, you can win 7, 10, or 12 free spins, respectively.

Sticky Wilds Feature

During the Free Spins Round, any Kong symbol that, by the way is the Wild symbol, can be turned into a Sticky Wild Angry symbol. Sticky Wild symbols will keep their position until the Free Spin Round ends.

The Titans’ Dual Bonus Round

Two Godzilla symbols will trigger this bonus round. Godzilla will only appear on reels 2 and 4. He must defeat King Kong in order to win the bonus. This Match consists of five rounds. The player is granted one hit at the start of the bonus round and will win one hit for every Godzilla Victory. If the player fails to defeat Kong in the first round, the player will leave the bonus round with 5xs their bet. If Kong wins rounds 2, 3, or 4, the players can buy a second chance to fight that round again with their current bonus wins. The price for buying the second chance will change dependent upon the prize frequency. NOTE: Winning every round increases the prize up to 195xs your bet!!!

The Rescue People Feature

In this round, 3 different rescue people symbols (the Woman Doctor, Man or Woman Reporter) will pay a 4xs, 5xs, or 6xs random multiplier on any winning pay line. This Feature is also available during the Free Spins Round.

Do You Know the Game’s RTP, Slot Rating and/or Winners?

Not at this time as this is a new game. But from what I have seen, the rating of this game is going to be very high.

Can I Play Godzilla Vs King Kong for Fun and for Real Money?

You certainly can! Just go to our preferred online casinos that offer Instant Play, and you can play the game for free. As for real money play, join any one of our top US casinos and you can play this game as well as all the games on tap.

Is this Game Good for Mobile Play?

Yes. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


I really liked playing this game perhaps because I saw the movie and loved it. I’ve always had a liking for Kong, and this game is quite special. The special features are terrific, the multiplier and free spins give this game that extra umpf, (on my first spin I won $480 with 5 aces) this on a max bet, which I doubled. I highly recommend you play Godzilla Vs King Kong at our participating online casinos for US players.