Golden Lady Casino

The Golden Lady is a sophisticated online slot game that celebrates beauty and good gambling fun. We were first taken in by the appearance of this casino website, but it was more than that that made it stand out. We decided to look through the features of the site more closely and to really play around with this casino to see what it has to offer. We were impressed with what we experienced with our time with the casino. Give it a try for yourself, or read through our full review to learn what we learned while exploring the casino.

Built on Mature Software

Golden Lady casino relies on a mix of software providers to supply all of its games. By blending different providers together while sourcing the games for the site the casino offers more diversity and creates an exciting play environment for interested gamblers.

A Classy Lobby

Part of the charm of this casino is the lobby itself and how it looks and functions. It's laid back and upscale looking at the same time. If you play on this casino you have an opportunity to get familiar with the lobby and the features that it offers. With just a few minutes of time on the site, you'll be familiar where most of the features can be found and all the cool benefits you can get from playing there.

A Multilingual Site with Country Restrictions

Golden Lady Casino is a multilingual site that makes it simple for most gamblers to understand the different options and what they are doing on the site itself. If you're interested in starting on the site but you aren't sure if you are approved to play there, take some time to try and register for an account. Several different countries aren't allowed to form an account at Golden Lady casino. By checking to see if your country is one of the options that's allowed you can start playing there or find out if you have to join a different casino instead. Go through registration and you'll be ready to take advantage of everything the site has to offer.

All Casino Games

This casino is home to all the standard casino games that you would expect to see when visiting a casino. There are lots of table games, loads of slots, a mix of video poker and specialty games and some high-paying progressive jackpot games to dig through as well. There are hundreds of options to select from and many of them are high-quality games designed to entertain while offering a decent opportunity to win.

Loads of Slots to Pick From

There are hundreds of different slot games in the library at Golden Lady casino. These slots are split into different categories such as classic slot games, I-Slots, 5-reel video slots, and progressive jackpot games. Between all these different slot options there are lots of themes, different features and exciting options to play around with. You'll have different options to browse through every time you visit and play on the site. That helps keep the wagering experience exciting and will give you something to look forward to as well. Get started at the casino today and you'll have hundreds of games to look through before you begin playing.

Challenge Yourself with Tournaments

This online casino offers a variety of different online tournaments for you to enter into and to really challenge yourself with. These tournaments are added on a daily basis and help you compete against other players. Some tournaments are free to enter while others have a small fee. Either way, you can use the tournaments to make your time at the casino more exciting and help you get even more from Golden Lady casino overall.

Regular New Slot Releases

Even with the hundreds of different slot games offered at Golden Lady casino you are bound to grow tired of the selection eventually. That's why new game updates are so important. The casino adds new games throughout the year so you always have something new to play around with. Sign up to the casino and you'll always have something new to try out and to play around with when you visit.

Test Games Free Before Wagering Real Money

It's overwhelming deciding to risk real money online on slots and other casino games. That's why many gamblers never join a casino and start playing games that could bring them joy and entertainment. If you're worried about losing money don't be. You can start playing the many different games offered here without spending any money at all. That's right, there are free-to-play versions of most of the games in the casino's library and as soon as you have a free account with the casino you gain access to them. Sign up quickly and you'll be testing all these exciting games out for yourself.

Wager for Massive Prizes

When you are ready to start risking real money while playing at Golden Lady casino you will enjoy access to massive jackpot prize payouts and some very exciting prize offers. Make a deposit and use your free account to start wagering on all the different games in the library. You can play on the downloaded platform or the instant play platform and can place wagers on all the games in the library with ease either way.

Massive Bonus Potential for New Gamblers

As with most online casinos, this site offers the new players the best deal available. As a brand-new gambler at the casino, you can get up to $4,550 in bonus cash on your first wager with the site. That's right, on a single wager you can get nearly $5,000 in bonus cash from Golden Lady casino. This bonus payout is given as an 850% deposit match bonus which is massive, and it's one of the best bonuses we've seen at any online casino.

Unlock Even More on Subsequent Deposits

For all those high rollers out there that want to unlock thousands more as a new member of Golden Lady casino, there is a second deposit match bonus of 850% worth up to $4,125 and a third bonus of 750% worth up to $3,750. Between all three welcome bonuses, there is about $12,000 in bonus cash that can be had from the casino just for signing up and making a series of deposits. That's a huge potential benefit for new gamblers and the bonuses are just the start of all the casino's promotions.

Ongoing 200% Deposit Bonuses

Even after going through the first series of top-tier welcome bonuses gamblers can continue getting a 200% deposit match bonus any time they add money to their account. That means you can triple every single deposit you make into Golden Lady casino. How's that for maximizing your bankroll?

Earn Cash Back

Through a special weekly promotion, you can earn cashback on all the money that you lose while playing at Golden Lady casino. That means you'll have a nice cashback surprise waiting for you each new week that you get on and wager as long as you placed some best the week before. This is one of our favorite features and helps make wagering on the site more enjoyable overall.

Huge Payout Opportunities and Regular Rewards

One of the reasons we really enjoyed our time with Golden Lady casino is because the site offers access to games that offer massive prize payouts through progressive jackpots. There are dozens of different games that could make one lucky player rich with a big win. There are also ongoing reward programs that gamblers at the casino can make use of conveniently. If you are visiting the casino regularly chances are good that you'll unlock rewards over time with the casino.

Download Golden Lady or Play Instantly

As a member of Golden Lady Casino you have the option to play on the site the way that you want to. That could mean downloading the platform and playing on the downloaded software solution. It could also mean playing through the instant play platform and enjoying all the great features of the site in your web browser. It's up to you if you want to go through a software download or not, so make sure you're only doing so because you want to.

Instant Play Works for Most Mobile Devices

Mobile wagering is often the way to go as an online gambler at major casinos today. That's because it allows you to place wagers fast and helps you play the games on the platform anywhere that you like without worrying about lugging around a computer. Smartphones and tablets can both be used for this reason, but only at compatible casinos. Golden Lady offers a smooth mobile experience as long as you're willing to play using the instant play feature. There is no software download to worry about and mobile starts working the moment you visit the casino.

Registration is Necessary

If you want to play at Golden Lady you must register for an account, it makes no difference if you want to play the free version of games or risk real money. Click on Instant Play and register for a quick account to gain access to the various features. It will take you a bit of time to do this, but it's simple enough to do it.

The Golden Affiliates Program

Golden Lady casino runs the Golden Affiliates program that offers up to 40% revenue share for marketing experts that want to start encouraging players to come and begin playing at the site. Signing up to be an affiliate is simple and there's massive revenue potential for skilled marketers.

Sports Betting is a No Go

Some casinos combine bookie services into their platforms for the gamblers that want to do everything with one account. While that's convenient, it can also be overwhelming. The Golden Lady casino focuses on offering just casino services and offering those services in a simple format. The site excels at making online wagering quick and easy to do, and that's why so many players don't mind their first time on the platform.

The Site is Missing a Blog and Forum

Blogs are great for getting the latest news updates about a casino, and forums are useful for connecting with fellow gamblers and picking up tips and tricks. Neither of those resources is present at Golden Lady casino. As a member of the site, you have to use the promotions page and the home page to get the latest news updates for the casino, which is simple enough to do. To make up for the lack of a built-in forum many gamblers use external casino forums instead to connect with fellow players. Leading online forums may even have a Golden Lady section where you can talk with fellow members.

Live Dealer Options are Left Out

Some casinos offer advanced features like live dealer table games to help make online wagering more exciting. These modern games still aren't offered at Golden Lady casino. If you decide to play on the site make sure you aren't interested in live dealer games because they are unlikely to be added in the future. The site does offer a good variety of standard table games though so you can still play options like blackjack, roulette, and poker when you want a break from one of the many slot games on the site.

Simple Banking at Golden Lady

This site is made with simple banking in mind. As a player on the site, you can move your money in and out of your account using things like credit cards, bank transfers, e-Wallet solutions, and wire transfers. Between the different options available most people should be able to complete transfers at the casino without a problem. Making a deposit is instant when using any of the deposit methods. Withdrawing money from the casino can take many days and requires access to one of the approved withdrawal options. Prepare to wait for your money to move where you want it when using this service so you aren't disappointed with the service.

Bitcoin Banking isn't Supported

There's no support for moving money around using Bitcoin at the casino. If you're a player at the casino you can send money in and out of your account, but you can't do that with services like Bitcoin or Litecoin. This is a problem for some gamblers, but many aren't concerned about not having access to this feature.

Two Simple Support Tools

There comes a point when most gamblers run into an issue that they need resolved. To ask for help use the email support tool or the live chat tool to talk with customer service. Email support takes a day or two to hear back, but once it's used you can just relax and wait for an answer to come back for your question. When using live chat support you can get answers fast, but must remain available while talking with the customer support specialist.

Golden Lady Casino is a top recommendation from us for a solid online gambling casino for players that want to try different slot games. The site features just enough promotional offers and it's loaded with a variety of games to play around with. It's not the best casino available today, but it's a rock-solid option if you're looking for a place to start playing at. Give it a try yourself and it might be the perfect fit for you.