Supernova Casino

Supernova Casino
Supernova Casino is a modern Rival Gaming platform that offers most leading casino wagering features, including an excellent selection of games and bonuses worth joining for. We were immediately intrigued by the appearance of the casino and decided to fully evaluate the features that it offers to its gamblers. Below is our review of the casino and all its features. Learn what the site has to offer, whether it’s the right fit for you or not and why you may want to pick up a membership there.

The Lobby is Compact and to the Point

This platform stands out for its lobby because it’s clean and easy to navigate. Not only is it easy to find the different features that the casino has to offer from the lobby page, but all the features are in plain sight while using the website. Within moments of visiting the page you can look through all the different features and choose the ones you’re interested in. This is a welcome change from the more stretched-out casino pages or the sites that are overly-complicated.

Supernova is Built on Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming is known for its high-quality casino games, but it’s a smaller developer than many of the other leaders in the industry. Some would see the sole dependence on games from Rival as a disadvantage when rating casinos. We don’t necessarily see it that way as there are still hundreds of games to choose from. If you’re a fan of Rival you’ll love this casino site. If not you likely won’t want to call this casino home.

Some Country Restrictions are In Place

US players can play at the casino on a restricted basis or from some locations throughout the country. Gamblers from places like Australia, New Zealand, the UK and many other locations have access to the casino as well. With that said, Canadian players can’t sign up for service here, and neither can gamblers from Ukraine or Belarus. There are other restrictions as well but many players from around the world have no trouble making use of the site.

Offers a Smaller Pool of Quality Games

There aren’t 500 or more games to choose from as a gambler on this platform, but there are certainly more than 100 options to pick through. Players that need a massive selection to work with will be disappointed in the games offered, but we were impressed by the level of quality of the classic and video slot games, the more interactive I-slots as well as the table games, video poker selections and the specialty games.

Win Big with Jackpot Games

Gamblers that want to get rich while playing traditional slot games have a few different options to make use of. They can play games like Major Moolah, Strike Gold and One Million Reals as they try to win hundreds of thousands of dollars in jackpot prize payouts. These agames are difficult to win but some players are able to win life-changing amounts of money from them.

Just Enough Table Games and Video Poker Options

With 10 table games and 7 video poker games this casino hardly has a massive selection of non-slot games to pick through. If you’re the type of gambler that hates slots and that’s always looking for an alternative you’re going to be disappointed with the offerings available. If you just want some of your favorite options

Try the Games for Free

While reviewing the site we didn’t have to guess whether we would like the games or not, we got to try them all for free before we even committed any money. The different games loaded up on a free account in minutes and ran smoothly on our test devices. New players will have the same experience and after creating a quick test account can try out all the games they’re interested in.

Real Money Wagering Begins Simply

It’s possible to try out the different games for free without even making a deposit into your casino account, that’s no way to win real money payouts. When you’re ready to make the switch from testing out games for free to playing for real money payouts the transition is quick and easy. You just make a real money deposit with one of the quick deposit methods and then start playing the games for real money. It takes just minutes to go through these steps and start playing.

Infrequent New Slot Releases

Rival Gaming updates and maintains its slot library, but it doesn’t offer new game releases frequently like some of the other major slot developers do. Since this platform relies solely on Rival for all its games updates don’t come very often. Gamblers that like new games regularly will grow tired of the same library as they wait for the few releases every couple of months. The existing library of games is filled with quality selections and it’s simple to find options worth playing for if you don’t mind playing some of the same games again and again.

Instant Play Friendly

This site, like many modern casinos is instant-play friendly. That means it’s possible to load up a game and start playing it in just moments. All the games in the casino library load right in the web browser and run from there smoothly. You can play the different games on a mobile device or a full-sized computer.

A Download Software Platform as Well

For the gamblers that aren’t interested in playing casino games in their web browser there is a downloadable software platform that's easy to use. This platform works on most standard PCs and doesn’t take up much hard drive space. Once downloaded the platform loads quickly and provides easy access to the games on the site. The downside to downloading software is that the software only works on some devices and limits what you can play the casino on.

Works on Mobile Devices

Thanks to the instant play platform used on the site casino members of the site can easily play all their favorite games using a smartphone or a tablet. That’s a huge advantage to players that aren’t interested in using a computer each time they wager. The games run well and they will keep going reliably over time.

Game Specific Welcome Bonuses

There is a selection of different welcome bonuses that are all in the form of deposit match bonuses, just at different percentages and amounts based on the game type. There are 250% and 300% deposit match bonuses for slot games. There is a 125% deposit match bonus for card games and a 75% welcome bonus for roulette games.

Monthly Card and Slot Bonuses

For the gamblers that plan on sticking around longer than the welcome bonuses will last there are monthly slot and card bonus offers as well. These deposit match bonuses offer between a 75% deposit match and 185% deposit match depending on the game type and how much you’re depositing into the casino at a time.

Regular Daily Specials as Well

Each day throughout the week there are special daily bonuses that change and update over time. These offers help to keep the promotions page new and interesting and give players something to look forward to each time they sign on throughout the week.

Make Note of the Bonus Coupon Codes

Unlocking any of the bonus offers means noting down the coupon code attached to it and then inputting that code when making a deposit into the casino. By entering in the correct coupon code you can unlock the bonus offer that you’re interested in every single time.

Special VIP Bonuses are Available

One major perk of playing at Supernova casino are the ongoing VIP bonus offers. These special offers award players cash-back insurance on their deposits, a personal VIP manager to help with their support needs, special tournaments, birthday bonuses, enhanced weekly rewards and more. The bonuses improve in value as players increase their VIP level giving them something to work toward every time they sign onto the casino.

Special Tournament Events

This casino doesn’t offer slot tournaments and other tournament events as often as some casinos do, the site does give gamblers a chance to test their skills in competitive tournaments though. There are special events that are tournaments that players can enter into. Many of these events are free to enter and offer substantial prize payouts. Some cost money to join. Keep an eye open for tournaments when playing there to make the most of them.

Registration is Required for Everyone

No matter what you want to do at the casino or what sort of games you will play, you must register before doing anything. That’s because the site requires registration whether you are playing games for free or for real money. The registration process is quick and easy, which is good because you’ll have to go through it if you want to play there.

An Aff Alliance Property

Supernova casino is one of the casinos tied to the Aff Alliance affiliate program. As one of the casinos tied to this program it’s a lucrative site to market and can become a good source of income to the right marketing professional. Revenue share deals up to 45% on every affiliate are offered. There are also pure CPA programs with CPAs of up to $250 per player signup offered and special hybrid deals as well.

No Sports Wagering Features

There aren’t any sports betting features at Supernova casino for you to make use of. We weren’t disappointed by this and we didn’t expect to see any sports betting services either. Some gamblers prefer to play at sites that offer sports wagering though, so this is something you should always keep in mind when evaluating a site. If you want to place sports wagers you will have to join a different site in order to do so.

Easily Get News Through the Promotions Page

The promotions page and the home page are updated regularly giving you the latest news about the site and game releases. This is a good thing since the casino doesn’t offer any sort of a maintained blog. We also noticed that there is no forum available to members that want to talk with one another. There are plenty of external casino forums that can be used for that purpose though.

No Live Dealer Wagering

Live dealer wagering is one of the newest features that many online casinos are beginning to offer. This modern feature allows you to see a real dealer as they shuffle the cards that everyone uses, or spin a roulette wheel that determines whether you win or lose. Live dealer games are highly interactive and make wagering online more exciting for certain players. Live dealer games aren’t offered here unfortunately.

Ample Deposit Methods

Depositing money into your new account is quick and easy to do and there are many reliable methods for you to complete the transaction. You can easily put money into your account using a Visa or MasterCard. You can also utilize a wire transfer with your bank account or a prepaid PaySafeCard transaction. If those options aren’t enough Neteller and Skrill are both supported as well, and Bitcoin is usable for depositing money into your new account rapidly. Thanks to all the different deposit methods available it’s easy to find an option that you’re comfortable with when getting started at the casino.

Few Withdrawal Options

When it comes time to take money out of your account you’ll have limited withdrawal options to work with. You can pull money out using one of your credit cards or utilize a bank wire transfer for withdrawals. Oddly enough Bitcoin transactions aren’t approved for withdrawals and can only be used to deposit money into the casino.

Bitcoin is Approved Only for Deposits

If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast you’ll be disheartened to hear that Bitcoin is the only supported method on the platform and that it’s only approved for depositing money into your account. We were surprised to hear that Bitcoin isn’t one of the approved withdrawal methods and that you will have to register a different withdrawal tool to take your winnings out.

Instant Casino Help is Available

No matter what issues you run into while playing here there is quick and easy customer support ready to step in and resolve your problem. There’s an always-on live chat tool as well as a dedicated phone number available to members of the casino. Each of these options can be used to get answers to your common problems quickly. If you have a basic question you can also search through the detailed FAQ section of the casino website for answers.

Supernova casino is a feature-rich casino that’s worth playing at as long as you don’t mind sticking with just Rival Games. We were disappointed to see that no live dealer games are offered, and were surprised at how few withdrawal methods there are available. Other than those issues the casino is a pleasure to play at and we recommend it to online gamblers looking for high-quality games.