The Hive Slots

Betsoft has just released their brand new game entitled The Hive Slots. Bee Keepers will certainly enjoy playing this game. The introduction to the game states that the Bees with special effects rule the Hive; that there is a Honey Meter, and that there is a Honey Burst Wild that has a special function in this game.

About the Game

The Hive Slots has a very different configuration, one which is quite refreshing. To the left of the slot is the Honey Meter (A Large Jar). By the way, the Honey Meter has 12 Levels. The symbols consist of Bees with very cute faces, lovely colorful flowers, a Lady Bug (lucky!) and card symbols.

Can I Play this Game for Free and for Real Money?

Yes. You can play either way at our Betsoft online casinos. They offer Practice Play and Real Money Play. The same holds true for Mobile play as well.

How Many Reels and Paylines are there?

The Hive is composed of a 3-4-5-4-3 reels and 30 pay lines. The entire slot is in a hexagonal grid format, which makes this game so much fun to play.

What are the Betting Ranges in this Game?

You will be able to view the coin denominations at the bottom of the slot by scrolling across from left to right. The betting range begins with 10 cents and goes as high as $10 max per spin.

Where is the Paytable Located?

At the bottom left of the slot, there are two icons: 3 horizontal lines and a question mark. The horizontal lines will lead you to the Paytable, while the Question Mark will take you to the Rules of the Game. I do advise you read both.

How Are the Winning Lines Displayed?

The Hive Slot pays out both ways - those aligned horizontally and diagonally. Coinciding wins on different pay lines are added.

Let's Meet the Bees of the Hive!

  • There are three types of Bees:
  • The lovely Queen Bee: She can summon a swarm of other Bees to surround the Hive, improving chances to take home that sweet gold.
  • The Drone Bee: He will fill the Honey Meter, triggering Free Spins when full. The more Drone Bees appear on the slot, the faster the Honey Meter will be filled.
  • The Worker Bee: He will award a stacking multiplier that increases with the number of other Worker Bees surrounding the Hive. Its value equals the number of the Worker Bees +1. The multiplier applies only to the winning pay lines aligned with a Worker Bee.
  • Bees of any type can spawn randomly with every spin. The Bees will move clockwise to 1 position around the Hive Grid with each consecutive spin. Bees fly away after a random number of spins. Worker Bees will trigger their activity if at least one Worker Bee is aligned with a winning pay line.

What are the Special Features in this Game?

  • Sticky Sweet Free Spins: When a Drone Bee spawns, each Drone Bee currently around the Hive Grid, including the spawned one, will fill the Honey Meter by one level. When the Honey Meter is full, 5 Free Spins will be awarded.
  • Honey Burst Spreading Wilds: During the Free Spins round, 1, 2, or 3 Honey Burst Spreading Wilds will appear on the Hive Grid. Wilds will spread from their initial place on the grid to adjacent honeycomb cells after every spin, and will continue to spread to other cells until the end of the Free Spins round.

Bet the Max if you Can!

The Hive Slot payouts totally depend on how much you bet as it relates to the payouts for each symbol. Here's an example: Let's say you decide to bet the minimum of 10 cents and win on a symbol. The most you can make on the highest paying symbol is $1. But, if you bet the max of $10, you can win $100 on the highest paying symbol. This is why I always recommend you bet the max. In the game, $10 per spin is affordable.


With its Hexagonal Grid and 30 pay lines, the NEW Hive Slots has a lot going for it. With the free spins, payouts both ways, the Honey Burst Spreading Wilds; you are sure to come out a winner when you play The Hive Slots at our recommended Betsoft online casinos.