Lucky 7 Slots

When you think about it, the word "lucky" is in 50% of the title for slot games. But it is the #7 that draws the attention of online players, especially those who fancy classic slots. According to Psychic Library, "The ancient Greeks thought the number seven to be extremely lucky. Pythagoreans considered the number seven to be a perfect number. There were seven ancient Roman and Egyptian Gods. Hinduism recognizes seven major chakras. The Arabs built seven holy temples." Thus, we introduce the classic and lucrative slot entitled Lucky 7 Slots.

Slot Game Developer

Betsoft is the provider.

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The Theme of Lucky 7 Slots

Lucky 7 Slots is a classic theme-based slot.

The Design

Designed simplistically, Lucky 7 Slots is easy to play and, to my surprise, has a paytable. Players can win an excessive amount if they bet the max.

Type of Slot Game: Reels and Paylines

Lucky 7 is a 1-reel, 1-pay line primary classic slot.

Betting Options

The coin denominations range from one cent to $1. With a total number of coins set at three, the maximum bet is $3.00 per spin.

Paytable Location

While many online players are used to viewing the paytable at the top of the slot machine, Lucky 7 Slots has three horizontal lines to access the paytable.

Bonus Round and Free Spins

There is no bonus round or free spins in this game. The traditional symbols include Red 7s, Lucky 7 Logo, Triple Bars, Double Bars, Single Bars, and Cherries. When players get all 3 Red Sevens and bet the max, they will win 5000 coins. The second highest payout is three Lucky 7 Logos which payout 750 coins. The wins pay in credits.

Return to Player

The Return to Player is 94.8%.

Players Have Rated Lucky 7 Slots

Players have given this game a popularity score of 1.

Slot Game Winners

There have been several winners playing this game.

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Mobile Availability

Lucky 7 Slots is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Lucky 7 Slots is an easy game to play, ideal for new players and classic slot lovers, and has a generous payout when betting the max. Play Lucky 7 Slots at our participating online casinos.