Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of the biggest of all progressive jackpot slots. And it has been around for years now, easily surpassed by many other jackpot slots featuring far better graphics.

Yet while it might look its age, it is still a mega hit. Here are three reasons why we believe it will continue like this too.

There are four progressive jackpots available

Sure, they’re hard to get, and everyone knows that, but the biggest one is huge and regularly tips over $1 million. If you managed to get it, you’d never quite be the same, right? Think of the things you could do with that cash. This is a major draw for this game, despite its age.

It features a popular 2x wild icon

The jungle theme is borne out by the wild lion in this game – easily the best icon to choose as the wild. If this lands in a winning line, you’ll receive double the amount you would have done without it.

It offers free spins too

In many ways, Mega Moolah is a classic slot offering all the most familiar features you’ve seen in other games as well. For example, there are free games to collect if you can find three scatters in one spin. You receive 15 free games for this, so you get more than you would in many other slots that might offer 10 or even less.

Another perk of the free spin round is the 3x multiplier for all prizes. This is more generous too, as we’ve played many games with a 2x multiplier… or even nothing at all.

Mega Moolah has a friendly appearance

Sure, it may look old compared to modern progressive slots, but it still has lots of appeal. We think part of the reason for this is the cartoon approach taken to creating all the animals appearing in the game. Our favorite is the friendly giraffe with the cheesy grin!

This keeps the game rocking along with some appealing graphics, which we cannot

say with many other slots released around the same time. We can forgive them the letters and numbers in this case.

So, don’t discount the idea of checking out Mega Moolah progressive slots based on age alone. This game has a lot more than its jackpots on offer for sure.