A Hole In One

Sports betting is a rising and highly profitable aspect in casinos. But MGM is upping the ante by featuring Golfstream, arguably the world's first indoor, laser golf course, as well as an exclusive lounge in their new, state of the art, 12,000 square foot space.

About Golfstream

This laser technology golf field, puts golfers to the test, by offering skill tests such as putting, long driving and accuracy. The putting challenge comes with a 30 second timer to sink up to five putts. The top four players with the highest scores at the conclusion of the first round, will go on to the semifinals, with the two top players after that, squaring off in the finals for the grand prize. Designed by Sameer Gupta and Darren Dummit, the Golfstream features a top of the line, virtual reality, golf simulator that surrounds players on the world's premiere golf courses. And with laser technology, players can be visually guided to correctly guide the stroke. For the long drive and closed to the pin portions, players need to hit the ball into a screen that will compute the direction and distance. The new 12,000 square floor, also has classic arcade games.