Scratch Cards at Jaak Casino

Jaak Casino is probably best known for offering a superb collection of slot games from major developers. However, their collection of 400+ casino games also contains some other options.

If you ever want to play something different, Jaak Casino has a cool selection of scratch cards to try as well. Let's check those out and see what to expect.

Scratch cards are a menu option in the casino

When you arrive at Jaak Casino, you'll find yourself looking at the featured games inside the casino itself.

However, if you look at the other game options, you'll see that scratch cards are provided there too. This gives you a selection of titles to try, including:

Slapshot Wizard of All 3 Rocks Cash Farm

But there is another way to play some too.

You can access scratch cards from the main menu

Just to the right of the Jaak Casino logo, you'll see two options - casino and scratch cards. If you select the latter of those two, you'll find yourself in another area that appears to offer some different games.

We're unsure why this is the case, but while some titles are now familiar (including Slapshot, for example), new ones appear there too:

Power Cash Queen of Diamonds Go 777

To get the biggest range of scratch cards to play at Jaak Casino, we recommend you try both areas.

Go through the two-step signup process to get access

You cannot play any demos at Jaak Casino unless you are a member. Fortunately, the signup process is broken into two simple steps.

Once you have completed those steps with the correct information, you can look around the site in more detail. You should also find you can explore the scratch cards and try a few demo versions.

Scratch cards have varied themes too

You might already have guessed this from the titles we gave you. You would expect online slot games to delve into all kinds of areas. Different themes give players a chance to find a game that appeals to their preferences.

The same applies with scratch cards - perhaps more than you might have thought. If you want to have access to a good array of cards to try when you have a spare moment, Jaak Casino is one of the best places to find them.