Mystic Hive Slots

In the introduction to Mystic Hive Slots, we are told that there are these special features: Fireflies Dazzle with Special Effects; Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds during Free Spins; and Fill the Nectar Meter to Full for Free Spins. When you open the slot you will be quite surprised at the configuration. The design is brilliant as it looks like a beehive.

About the Game

Mystic Hive Slots has quite an ingenious design as mentioned earlier. To the right of the slot is the Nectar Meter, a large vial that players will need to fill up in order to win free spins. The play game icons at the bottom are pretty much the same as other slots except for one difference - you can choose your bet amount by scroll the bet bar from left to right. Thus, whatever amount you choose, that will be the bet per spin.

How Many Reels and Paylines are there?

Mystic Hive is a 3x4x5x4x3 beehive shaped 30-payline bonus video slot. The Return to Player is 96.13%.

What is the Betting Range in this Game?

The betting starts with ten cents and goes as high as $90 per spin, which is the max bet. If the max bet is too high, you can use the lower denominations and then as you play, raise your bet accordingly.

Where is the Pay Table?

The pay table is located at the bottom left of the slot. Click on the small i and you can access the scrolling pay table. When you get to the pay table, you will also be able to access the Options (the Game Settings), AutoPlay, Paytable, and Rules of the Game. Please note that the amount paid by the symbols is reflected by the amount you choose to bet.

What are the Special Features in this Game?

  • The pay table begins with the Fireflies of the Mystic Hive. With each spin, a Firefly can appear around the Mystic Hive. There are three types of Mystic Fireflies:
  • The Green Firefly: Summons a storm of other fireflies to surround the Mystic Hive, improving chances to collect that sweet violet nectar.
  • The Yellow Firefly: Award a stacking multiplier that increases with the number of other Yellow Fireflies surrounding the Mystic Hive. Its value equals the number of the Yellow Fireflies plus one. The multiplier applies only to the winning pay lines aligned with a Yellow Firefly.
  • The Red Firefly: Red Fireflies will fill the Nectar Meter triggering free spins when full. More Red Fireflies fill the meter faster.
  • Mystic Fireflies of any type can spawn randomly with every spin. The Fireflies will move clockwise to one position around the Mystic Hive Grid with each consecutive spin. Fireflies fly away after a random number of spins. Yellow Fireflies will trigger their activity if at least one Yellow Firefly is aligned with a winning pay line.

Violet Nectar Free Spins

When a Red Firefly spawns, each Red Firefly currently around the Mystic Hive Grid, including the spawned one, will fill the Violet Nectar Meter by one level. When the Violet Nectar Meter is full, five free spins are awarded.

Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds

During the Free Spins round, 1, 2, or 3 Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds will appear on the Mystic Hive Grid. Wilds will spread from their initial place on the grid to adjacent honeycomb cells after every spin, and will continue to spread to other cells until the free spin round ends.


Mystic Hive pays out both ways along cells which align horizontally and diagonally. Coinciding wins on different pay lines are added. Highest win per line pays. Payouts are reflected based on the selected bet. Thus, if you bet the max, the symbols will pay the highest. So check your bets against the symbols' payouts to determine how much you are willing to wager.


Mystic Hive Slots is not only fun to play, but the complexity of the game adds more excitement to it. Moreover, it is a lucrative slot game. With its beehive configuration and the cells within in make for a most interesting and out of the norm game. Therefore, I recommend you play Mystic Hive Slots at our participating online casinos for US players.