5 Progressive Slots Tips: How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

It seems like every time you turn around, a new and bigger jackpot is making the rounds on the online casino scene. Originally, certain slot games would contain one heaping jackpot, but the latest generation of games eclipses that mark. Whether playing fixed jackpots or those on progressive networks that grow with every spin, with the right know-how, you can become the next big progressive jackpot winner.

1) Make More Small Bets

Unlike non-progressive slots with fixed jackpots, progressive jackpot games feature pots that increase incrementally with each wager. Win or lose, a percentage of each player's stake goes towards the bet. And if the progressive slot is on a network, the game's pot grows dramatically.

Remember, all it takes is one spin to claim the progressive jackpot. Fixed-jackpot slot games offer percentages of jackpots based on the actual coin wager, progressive slots are entirely different. If you have a small bankroll, consider gambling with minimum amounts for more spins and chances to claim this elusive prize.

2) Focus on Deadline Progressive Jackpot Games

In recent years, deadline jackpot games have become en-vogue at online casinos. Unlike regular progressive jackpots that are determined randomly, deadline progressive slots have a pre-determined end date. If you're counting pennies, you might want to save and play during this period when the pots are slated to increase through the roof.

3) Study Favorable Slot Games

Like all cars are not made equal, the same applies to progressive slot games. It's worth checking to see which progressive slot games have a history of winning. The games with more winners are worth betting on. Likewise, if slot games don't have a history of winning, you might want to look otherwise. Also, slot games with small buy-ins are another important factor for success.

Slot games with minimum buy-ins beginning at a dollar more can quickly eat up your budget. Besides the favorable minimums, reading up on the RTP is another crucial point. Return to Player is a formula to calculate how much a player can expect as a return for every $100 wagered on a slot game. Some progressive jackpot games also require a minimum amount of pay lines to be played. Depending on the minimum, it can quickly eat up your budget.

As a further side note, focus on progressive slot games where the pots are quickly growing. For starters, these players are steadily increasing this pot where one winner can win it all with any spin. Casinos gain attention and notoriety for having these types of winners on the leaderboard. So, it's a strong chance that these overflowing progressive slot games will hit sooner than later.

4) Focus on Promotions and Bonuses

Traditional online casinos rely heavily on no-deposit bonuses to lure new members. With the only requirement to create an account, new members can use the free spins or free chips on progressive slot games. However, some casinos restrict progressive games from no-deposit bonuses.

But if there aren't such restrictions, let it ride on progressive slot games. Also, it's common for the casino's welcome bonus to provide a percentage of free money. Most welcome bonuses feature a 100% matching bonus or more for first deposits. And depending on the site, the matching bonuses might go on into the third or sometimes fifth deposit. New members can also expect free spins as a part of the package to use on the games.

5) Does the Casino Have a History of Winners?

Again, online casinos pride themselves on showcasing winners on the leaderboard. Online casinos with a proven track of jackpot winners are worth the registration.