Baba Wild Slots

When we saw the Baba Wild Slots title, we instantly thought of a fortune teller giving us predictions about a wild future. While we don’t suppose that is the theme here, we were curious to know more about it, given the intriguing title. Find out what we learned about it here… and it may not be what you were expecting…

Baba Wild Slots is a casino not a slot game

But it does offer lots of slots, and you’ll soon find this is a social gaming site with plenty to treat you to. This is all about having an entertaining time, and you’ll see how that works once you’re on the inside.

We signed up using our Google account, but there are other ways to do it if you like. Either way, you’ll be in as a member in no time.

Earn rewards and complete challenges

There is plenty to look forward to at Baba Wild Slots, and the friendly virtual guide takes you through some of the action when you arrive. This is a cool feature as the site looks a lot like a virtual casino lobby. You’ll find yourself in front of a slot machine, where you can bet some of the millions of gold coins you’re given when you sign up to try and get some wins.

Remember that this casino only works with play funds, so you won’t be able to withdraw anything. You can, however, make sure you’re in with a great chance to pick up some virtual prizes. You can even share the news with your friends if you wish.

There are lots of ways to earn rewards, and you’ll see lots of challenges to take part in when you arrive. The further you go, the more slots you’ll unlock and play.

Check out the lobby to see more games

It’s best to visit the lobby first if you can, or at least once you’ve played a few spins of the first slot game you see. The host has some free coins for you to play with each day, so make sure you claim those inside your account. Look for the gifts and inbox logo to access this part of your account.

Get to know what’s what at Baba Wild Slots today

This site is cool to visit, but you’ll only get on the inside by creating an account or using your existing Google account to access the site. Google is faster, and we think you’ll want to get underway there, so you can discover new slots, level up, grab rewards, and enjoy the ride.