Bovada Parlay Boosters

Bovada Casino

When you thought you had seen everything that Bovada has to offer, the premier online sportsbook takes sports betting one step further with its special parlay boosters. What exactly is a parlay booster? First, a parlay is when you combine three or more bets from three games. The parlay bets can be anything from a moneyline water to a player prop or a future bet.

Parlays only pay when all the legs hit. Likewise, a same-game parlay is when you make three or more leg bets in the same game. For example, you can make a same-game parlay between the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills using the examples mentioned above. If those legs win, you win the bet. A parlay booster enhances your parlay win. It is standard for online casinos to boost parlays between 25% to 30%.

But Bovada takes it one step further with his special parlay booster. With Bovada’s parlay booster, you can earn reward points on specific daily parlay bets. But Bovada has one parlay in mind, which is the Boosted Parlay of the week every week. When you make your wager on the weekly Boosted Parlay, you are automatically entered into a raffle where you can earn additional reward points. Of course, the more parlay booster wagers you participate in, the more chances you have to boost your reward points. On Mondays, beginning on December 4th, Bovada will announce the results of the parlay booster raffle.

To help members know which games qualify for the parlay boosters, Bovada will have a special notification for games that qualify for them. If the game qualifies, you must make at least a $10 deposit a week before using the special parlay boosters. Also, you must make at least one wager during that seven-day time frame to be eligible.

If you are a winner of the weekly Bovada raffle, you will receive a message in your inbox letting you know about your victory. And if you are fortunate enough to have the message, you will see that your Bovada rewards have been doubled to a 1,000-point maximum.