Plinko Casino Game

If you’ve never heard about Plinko, we’re sure that after reading this short Plinko guide, you will rush to give it a try. But, if you’re already familiar with the Japanese game, Pachinko, then you have the winning foundation for Plinko. It’s been said that Plinko was introduced to the American market thanks to a Price is Right episode. Plinko features a triangular shape where the ball drops down from the top and onto one of the positions.

While Tetris gives you more hands-on control to maneuver pieces into the position they are following, Plinko is about letting the ball drop from the top to help find the winning route. The bigger the route, the greater the winning combinations. The ball drops and bounces; where it goes, find a route until it drops to the bottom.

However, Plinko does allow you to control some of the factors, starting with the risk level. Each Plinko game comes with a high, medium, and low-risk variance. If you go for high, you stand to gain the highest prizes. However, you need to have some budget because it comes with the most risk.

Plinko also lets players choose the number of rows, anywhere from eight to sixteen rows. While more rows introduce more winning possibilities, it does come with more risk and chances for the ball to not form a route.

If you’re familiar with slots, then you know how the autoplay feature works. Plinko also adopts the autoplay feature, where you can select the rows and risk levels in advance and let the game automatically work for the results. You can also choose the number of games playing through the autoplay mode.

If you have some experience playing Plinko, you can manually play the game at a faster pace thanks to the hotkeys and reduces the need for a mouse. Also Plinko lets the player go through instant play. You can control the Plinko game speed.