Self-Exclusion In New Jersey

New Jersey was one of the first states to approve gambling and online gambling, and it is one of the first states to implement the self-exclusion rules. The self-exclusion rules allow keen gamblers to apply and strike them off any eligibility to place bets and gamble at any New Jersey online or land-based casinos, including all the Atlantic City casinos. This scheme was first introduced in 2001 for main casinos, and since 2013 it has been available for online and mobile casino options.

How to Set the Self Exclusion Rule

Someone who is addicted or finds himself spending too much at the land-based and online casinos in New Jersey can apply to restrict his gambling for a year, for five years, or forever. An application has to be made in writing to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcements or the New Jersey Racing Commission. Online applicants can send a completed form to the New Jersey Portal website, where the form for completion can also be found. Applications need to be made in person, and with the application, an ID photo and signature must be sent. Reversing the application is impossible, but at the end of the cooling-off period, the applicant can apply to be reinstated, i.e., allowed to gamble again. The application to be reinstated can be sent in person or online and will take up to five days. The self-exclusion rules provide players with a cooling-off aide that restricts them and enables them to gather themselves and their resources so that they can come back to New Jersey gambling and enjoy the casinos and games with more confidence, flair, and funds.